2018 Winners

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PAC-12 Finalists

To provide financial hope to those who have none.
I want to change the trajectory of people’s lives. I want to be the difference between families feeling stressed over money and achieving financial wealth. I’ve seen first-hand what lack of money does to people. By becoming a certified public accountant, I know I can make a difference one family at a time. I'm ready and determined to meet my goal!

Alberto R.

from Houston, TX – studying Business at university of houston-downtown

to INSTILL and inspire Women to fly High
I set my goals literally as high as the sky by studying to become a commercial pilot. The elated feeling as you are soaring through the clouds is where I find complete happiness. As a female private pilot determined to conquer my goals, I strive to be a positive leader to impact young women and girls to pursue their dreams to fly high. GIRL POWER!

Anna B.

from Howell, MI – studying Technology at Eastern Michigan University

to help bring new life into the world.
Once I experienced watching my sister give birth and saw how the nurses were with her every step of the way, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I plan to become a labor and delivery nurse and help moms bring their new bundle of joy into the world as safe and comfortable as possible. I want to be a part of that incredible milestone for people.

Tracee F.

from Pacoima, Ca – studying Medical at College of the canyons community college

I want to become a character Designer for Disney
I was just accepted into the college of my dreams; a goal I’ve had since elementry school. I plan on learning as much as I possibly can, from professors and fellow students, and grow as an artist and as a person. I want to work at the company that inspired me when I was a kid. I want to create compelling and relatable characters to inspire others.

Gabriela T.

from Laredo, Tx – studying Fine Arts / Design at Otis College of Art and design

Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game Finalists

I want to connect people together through media
As an avid user of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, I have always been influenced by the power of social media and how it connects people with one another. With my degree in Computer Science, I plan to create an app that will help college students connect with peers, organize their studies, and make time to get involved with organizations. #SicEm

Bryce M.

from Plains, TX – studying Engineering at South Plains College

I want to doctor underprivileged communities.
My journey has been very challenging. Living in different places, and sometimes going days without eating, I have endured much hardship to get where I am. In spite of this, I have always made it a mission to achieve any goal I set for myself. Because of my perseverance, using medicine, I can empathize to the underserved community to which I belong.

Janice S.

from Detroit, mi – studying Medical at Michigan state university

to be an advocate for students with special needs
After seeing the impact that intervention specialists had on my cousin who suffers from severe epilepsy, I recognized the difference It made on him and his family. I would like to make that same powerful impact on other students and their families. Being an intervention specialist gives me the opportunity to change the world one child at a time.

essence B.

from Alliance , Oh – studying Education at University of mount union

to free the oppressed as a green beret.
I immigrated to the US from Sri Lanka, a country rife with sociopolitical injustice. With no family to support me, I'm putting myself through college and ROTC. One day, as a Special Forces Officer, I want to be deployed to nations where the people are oppressed. Although I'm fortunate to have escaped my oppression, I want to free those who haven't.

Kusalwin K.

from Lawrence, KS – studying Engineering at University of kansas

Big Ten Championship Game Finalists

I want to eliminate global food insecurity
I first learned about the severity of global food insecurity as a World Food Prize Youth Delegate, which fueled my desire to find a solution. Through taking coursework toward a doctorate in biochemistry and leadership, I intend to leverage my scientific skills, servant leadership mentality, and farm background to collaboratively end world hunger.

Caleb L.

from Nashua, IA – studying Agricultural Studies at Wartburg College

Become A humanitarian relief physician
Love and compassion are paramount in my life. I genuinely desire to promote sustainable lifestyle habits in our communities. When devastating events occur, resources are often insufficient in serving the vast amounts of people in need of urgent care. Similar to UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders initiative, I seek to make changes in the world.

Taylor M.

from ChicagO, IL – studying Medical at SpelmaN

I have learned that in whatever I do, there is always a greater purpose. As I pursue a degree in Public Relations, a field heavily dependent on public image, I will not tone down my identity as a young Hispanic woman. I want women to know that in any field, success is not a trade-off for your femininity.

Jordan A.

from EL PASO, TX – studying Communications at university of texas at el paso

Educate and bring awareness of dEaf culture
Growing up with a hearing impairment, I had many limited resources and was forced to adjust to “hearing” norms. I plan to advocate and educate people on deaf culture and the rich treasure that is American Sign Language.

Lesslie T.

from Wichita, KS – studying Arts and Sciences at Gallaudet University

SEC Championship Game Finalists

I want to restore people's ability to speak.
I am studying to become a speech pathologist working with people who have had traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other disorders that have taken away their ability to communicate. Communication is what unites the human race, and I want to provide people who have lost their speech the therapy needed to communicate again with their loved ones.

Alina S.

from Mesquite, TX – studying Communications at The University of Texas at Austin

improve pediatric Mental health and well-being
By becoming a PMHNP with a certificate in pediatric MH, I could guide children and teens through a difficult time. I could integrate my knowledge from coaching, teaching, and child development to better connect and serve my patients. Feelings are complex, and one should never feel alone. I am also bilingual and currently learning a third language.

Natania Q.

from Miami, FL – studying Medical at miami-dade college

create influential animations for the world to see
All my life I've wanted to make something that mattered. Something thought-provoking that drives the world forward. I never knew how i would do it, or if it would ever become more than just a dream, but I had to try. I realized my love for art and animation could be used as a perfect medium to reach all corners of the world.

Gabriel J.

from Baton Rouge, LA – studying Fine Arts / Design at Savannah College of art and design

make sure children are in a loving home
Watching my Grandmother own a day home and care for children made me want a profession where I could do the same. So many children in the world are abused and neglected by their parents and I want to become a social worker to help put those children in a loving, caring home. Home is where the heart is and I want to make sure every child feel that.

Lamontenay J.

from Houston, TX – studying Humanities at University of Houston - Downtown

Big 12 Championship Game Finalists

Impact the lives of those that are terminally ill
Growing up, I have lost many loved ones to terminal illnesses. This motivated me to enter the nursing field where I am now striving to become a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Palliative and Hospice. I am passionate about providing care, comfort, and peace that can make a difference for those vulnerable people who are at the end of their lives.

Jennifer S.

from Queen creek, az – studying Medical at Chamberlain UNIVERSITY

Pave the way for my client’s success
I deliberately chose the field of social work so I can be an advocate working within my community. As a social worker, I hope to provide safe spaces for parent and their children. I want to create relationships within the school systems, especially with students in need, and provide them with the needed resources.

Divina V.

from Dallas, Tx – studying Other at OuR lady of the lake univErsity

I will create fans of learning by teaching!
Someday soon I'll be a kindergarten teacher, where I'll help kids to love learning. This is what my teacher did for me, and I want to do the same for hundreds of kids, too. Whatever a child grows up to be -- doctor, artist, programmer, you name it -- it all starts in kindergarten. When they love learning, a whole world of opportunity opens up!

Karinna C.

from Foster City, CA – studying Education at Santa Clara University

I want to help people defend themselves in court.
Good lawyers are in high demand, but most are extremely expensive. So when people can not afford the right attorney with the mission of acquiring the best outcome for their client. It gets rough. My goal is to be able to build a firm that provides exquisite law services to those who may not be able to hire their own lawyer, no matter the field .

Edward Q.

from la feria , Tx – studying Liberal Studies at La Feria High school