2017 Winners

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Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game Finalists

(Cure Alzheimers)
Alzheimers disease runs in my family, and it is a huge motivation for me to find a cure. I plan on attending medical school prior to graduating Drexel, and I hope to apply to an MD/PhD program where I will be able to both see patients, and continue conducting research in labs

Isaiah H.

from Los Angeles, California

studying Arts and Sciences

at Drexel University

I want to help and advocate for others
My goal is to be a trauma nurse. I want to be able to help people that can’t help themselves by not only treating them but being their advocate.

Jeni S.

from Perry, Ohio

studying Medical

at Cleveland State University

Decrease Health Disparities
As the child of immigrants raised in a predominantly minority neighborhood, health disparities were prevalent in my community; taking the form of language barriers and lack of healthcare. My own parents each developed cancer, further inspiring me to become a physician who helps decrease disparities in communities of color and underserved areas.

Christina A.

from Elmont, New York

studying Medical

at Pace University

Become the best Ag teacher ever!!
I am currently a freshman at TSU and when I graduate, I want to make an impact in all my future students lives. I had teachers in the last who have helped shape me into who I am today, and I want to return the favor by becoming a teacher to impact future students to become great people.

Kassi K.

from Wylie, Texas

studying Agricultural Studies

at Tarleton State University

Big Ten Championship Game Finalists

Give people back the type of life they have lost.
I believe that true happiness lies in a life devoted to helping others. I am currently a junior at USD working towards becoming a Neurosurgeon . As a child I was severely wounded in a motor collision and saw first-hand how my surgeons gave me back the ability to walk and to live life again. My personal goal is to do the same for many others.

Sawyer S.

from Cottonwood, Minnesota

studying Medical

at The University of South Dakota

help women take control of their Healthcare
I want women to understand how they can utilize healthcare to live healthier, take protective measures, and to overall feel better about their women's healthcare by becoming a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. I will educate girls and women of all ages to be able to feel more comfortable being a woman through modern healthcare.

Hailee R.

from Boise, Idaho

studying Medical

at Western Wyoming Community College

to cure children With chRonic dIsOrders
Because I suffer from a chronic disorder myself, I strive to cure children affected by similar conditions. I plan to do this by becoming a pediatric neurologist and performing clinical trials and research in hopes of curing chronic disabilities such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Muscular Dystrophy.

Erika B.

from Richmond, Kentucky

studying Medical

at BYU (Brigham Young University)

Dividing and Conquering
Math shows us that EVERY PROBLEM has a SOLUTION. My goal is to teach young children to solve problems- real life and Mathematically! I want to teach students skills needed in life, teamwork, consistency, dedication, and responsibility. I plan to change their way of thinking about math and show them that there will be no situation left unresolved.

Timera T.

from Memphis, Tennessee

studying Education

at Richland College

PAC-12 Championship Game Finalists

I want to save lives as a firefighter.
I am a Fire Protection Technician/Wildfire/Paramedic major, and hope to use the skills I learn from the programs to help save lives out west with the wildfires, as well as at home with residential fire and medical calls. All of the gear needed and schooling cost tens of thousands. Help me save lives. One day, I could be saving yours.

Trent W.

from Appleton, Wisconsin

studying Medical

at Fox Valley Technical College

Stop the Unstoppable - Climate Change
As you may know, we are living in a time where climate change is affecting our lives even more now than ever. I want to contribute in finding a solution to reduce our carbon footprint and slow down the process of global warming. We can't undo the past, but we can change our future for the better - for us. Remember, we have one home - planet Earth.

Rochelle T.

from Las Vegas, Nevada

studying Environmental Sciences

at College of Southern Nevada

to heal others, both mentally and physically
All my life, I have witnessed the pain of others. I have seen the effects of a bullet lodged in the brain, cancer, myasthenia gravis, drug addiction, and more. Each of these experiences have inspired me to become a doctor, healing the pain I believe there is far too much of in our world. I hope to relieve the pain of others and replace it with joy.

Samantha F.

from Benson, Arizona

studying Medical

i want to care for the special needs community.
Growing up with a brother who has a profound case of autism, I gained a unique compassion for the special needs community. I saw how difficult everyday life can be for them. As a Pre-Dental student I want to to open up a dental practice one day entirely to serve special needs children/families! Every person should know they are loved & cared for.

Sarah T.

from Jensen Beach, Florida

studying Arts and Sciences

at Belmont University

SEC Championship Game Finalists

Become a college professor of Biochemistry.
Women are continually under-represented in STEM fields, but these fields have the ability to make a drastic impact on the way that we live our lives. I would love to become a higher level STEM educator to encourage other women to study the subjects that can lead to improvements in the living conditions of all.

Leona G.

from Biloxi, Mississippi

studying Arts and Sciences

To Become the Doctor I always dreamed of being
Since I was young I was always fascinated at the impact Doctors made in their patients lives. As time I found my calling to pursue the path towards becoming a Pediatrician. I love being around kids and helping bring back people to their best shape so being a Pediatrician is the best of both worlds for me. I know that this is the future for me.

Jose R.

from Houston, Texas

at University of St. Thomas - Houston

Teach the world that the disabled have a purpose
My dad has been employed with a school for mentally disabled adults since before I was born. Growing up, I knew that those special individuals had a purpose for their life. They are some of the happiest people I have ever met. They do not see their conditions as a limitation and that is exactly how I want the world to view them.

Mary Grace B.

from Wadley, Alabama

studying Education

at Southern Union State Community College

I want to be able to have an impact on children.
I've always had a great love for children. Ever since I was young and playing with dolls, being able to teach and lead adolescents has been a goal of mine. However, I didn't have much interest in being a teacher, but rather in the medical field. I want my future to consist of changing and saving the lives of children as a well renowned pediatrician

Ella O.

from Arlington, Texas

studying Arts and Sciences

Big 12 Championship Game Finalists

Change the world 1 pill at a time
At 7, I was diagnosed with CF and was told I wouldn’t live past 18. The life expectancy is now in the 40’s due to medical advancements, and has inspired me to go into the research field where I can help improve other's lives through the creation of medicine and hopefully find cures. I am currently on my way to becoming a pharmaceutical scientist.

Rachel B.

from Holland, Ohio

studying Medical

at The University of Toledo

Educate future generations for success
My goal as a future teacher is to encourage students to keep learning; education is a valued and necessary process that we all deserve to experience. The expressions that come across a child's face when they comprehend a new concept leaves me with feelings of complete satisfaction and joy has driven me to help others in their educational pursuits.

John A.

from McHenry, Illinois

studying Education

at Illinois State University

I want to inspire youth to change the world.
Through my nonprofit, Warm Winters, I've trained youth all across the U.S, Australia, and Canada to take action to help the homeless in their communities. With help to finance my education, I will gain the skills I need to change the lives of homeless on a global scale, and give leadership training and skills to thousands of teens across the world

Corinne H.

studying Business

at Portland State University-Honors

Help children who are victims of war and genocide
Children are often related to the word innocent. They are often dragged into war and often they are prematurely exposed to the adult world. A child should be able to focus on school & enjoying growing up, not if their home will be blown up today. I want to become a Pediatric Surgeon because I feel this is the best way I can help save their future.

Milan L.

studying Medical