Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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change the world by fighting corruption and crime
As a child I always wanted to be an agent for the FBI. I went to college and double majored in finance and operations supply chain for one purpose, to achieve my dream. I want to change my country for the better, I want to fight corruption in our government and help people feel safe from dangerous criminals. I am driven to conquer these obstacles.

Delaney F.

from medford

studying Business

at University of South Carolina

I Want to be a voice for the voiceless.
Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to give back to the community in a multitude of ways. I currently serve as a mentor to inner-city students seeking their associate degrees. Obtaining adequate legal services can be challenging for many. When I graduate I want to continue to advocate and serve as a mentor for those in need.

Jalen B.

from Chicago

studying Law

at Loyola University Chicago School of Law

assist children with autism & educate their family
I want to use Occupational Therapy as a way to help children who suffer from autism and make them feel accepted in a judgmental, harsh world. I want to teach their family members about the disability so they are more understanding of the child and feel more comfortable around him or her. I want the children to be accepted in society.

Aly F.

from Leopold

studying Medical

at Maryville university

I come from a family of hardworking, driven immigrants who worked tirelessly to be able to provide me with the opportunities I have today. I hope to give back and help other immigrants and low income families to not only gain an education, but have the possibilities of going after their dreams and succeeding in whatever they choose to do.

Grace S.

from miami

studying Marketing

at New York University - Stern School Of business

When someone receives the news"Your results were positive. I'm sorry, you have cancer", they're bound to face many difficult emotions and obstacles. At least for me, I know I did. My goal is to help cancer patients through their journey just as my social worker did for me-by advocating and providing better evidence-based mental health intervention.

Chiu Yi T.

from San Jose

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of michigan-ANN ARBOR

inspire the next generation to save wildlife
I choose to study pre-vet and zoology because of my love for animals. Animals are an important part of life and have help myself and others through our lives. I want to show people that they can make a difference in the world by helping save one species at a time.

Amber C.

from Leetonia

studying Arts and Sciences

at ohio state University agricultural technical institution

To help increase social equality via the law.
Social inequalities including suppression of voting, restrictions on expression, and unequal access to quality healthcare and education have become the status quo. Inequality is linked with economic, racial, and wealth disparities which are sustained by institutional prejudices. By pursuing Law I can effect change on the root cause of these issues.

Alyson S.

from Overland Park

studying Political Sciences

at Olathe north high school

I want to encourage positivity within healthcare.
I have spent what seems like an endless amount of time in a hospital, as a child and currently as a student. I have met hundreds of amazing people and have had a role in helping them through recovery when faced with traumatic injuries. Hospitals seem to be an inherently negative place; something which I now strive to change as a future nurse.

Jordin R.

from Houston

studying Medical

at University of Oklahoma

I'm a freshman at SCAD University. Developing my skills by learning and activity in the university, would help me to extending my communications with the social target for sending my messages.

Negar K.

from Atlanta

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Savannah College of Art and Design

I want to bring more awareness to depression
I have struggled with major depression most of my life, feeling hopeless and that no one cared or could care. I don't want others to feel that. So many people feel ashamed of it, and I want to use art to inspire them. I want them to get the help I was never given, to make them feel like they can succeed. I want them to succeed, depression free.

Delores W.

from Huntington

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Liberty University

provide mental health services through therapy
Growing up I had a disconnect to my emotional well-being. I did not understand how my environment can influence my behaviors. I am currently a mental health counselor and I work with students who have behavioral needs. Having been in similar situations as my student's keeps me motivated me. I want to become a therapist to serve those in need.

Samson H.

from berkeley

studying Other

at University of southern california

I want to develop a self-sustaining bio-battery
I would like to create a bio-battery that is highly efficient and relatively self-sustainable. I want to create this bio-battery in order to eliminate unnecessary waste and pollution and ensure our planet can live and thrive.

Kirsten T.

from Sparks

studying Other

at Truckee Meadows Community College