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Preventative Health For Disadvantaged Communities
With a goal to end health disparities, and a focus in health communication; I have learned that many preventable health issues fail to be prevented due to a lack of health literacy. My goal as a Preventative Care doctor is to use communication to reduce health discrepancies and increase equal access to the resources necessary for health prevention.

Kierstyn T.

from Oakland

studying Communications

at Loyola Marymount University

to Improve and Promote Sustainability
The future is what drives me to improve and promote sustainability. I believe that we have the ability to evolve as human beings to better our environment and change it for the better. However, right now, our future is at stake and I will love to be an advocate to promote and improve sustainability by using Marketing to revamp the world.

Alejandro C.

from college park

studying Marketing

at university of west Georgia

i want to uplift the world through filmmaking
As a Motion Pictures major, it is my dream to create visual content that brings hope and light into our dark world. I want to make films that inspire others to unleash their creativity and celebrate their uniqueness. I believe cinema is a universal language. I intend to use that language to speak love and acceptance into the hearts of the world.

Kinlie W.

from Bixby

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Belmont University

to help students make their dreams come true
My School Counselor forever changed my life. She played a major role in guiding my career goals to come to life. My goal is to become a school counselor and help students make their career dreams come true! Whether their dream is to become a Doctor, first in their family to graduate college, or become a Instagram celebrity. #SchoolCounselorsRule

Briana H.

from Denver

studying Graduate Studies

at university of colorado denver

I want to play a role in designing a better world.
Engineering has a major impact on the world. Everything from a bridge, to a car, to a soda can has gone through an engineering process. I want to be able to take part in creating something that will have an effect that's bigger than I am. I also want to encourage other women that we can participate in STEM careers just as much as men can.

Jessica R.

from Milford

studying Engineering

at The college of New Jersey

i want to be a voice for the minorities
Growing up in a Puerto Rican and Jamaican family, I've been around several minorities my whole life. I was taught that me and my opinions matter. In the future, I want to be a voice for those that grew up being taught the opposite. I'm on my way to helping others believe that it is okay for them to use their voices.

Jonaira S.

from east stroudsburg

studying Communications

at Temple university

I want to develop the next generation of VR.
I have always loved virtual reality and have made it my goal to develop more immersive VR. For my senior project in high school, I created an immersive full-body virtual reality demo from scratch. I plan on continuing my learning and development in order to help move humanity into a new age of technology that will better many aspects of society.

Lennon H.

from Centennial

studying Engineering

at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

to find a cure in this world to make people smile.
I wake up every morning wanting to achieve my goal of becoming an Epidemiologist. It drives me because, I want to study the unknown, I want to give children and families hope that they won't die because of a disease. I want to help find health resources to people who really are in need of it. This is what motivates me every single day of my life.

Paola C.

from Saint CLoud

studying Other

at Valencia cOLLEGE

To heal animals around the world
When I see an injured animal, whether a dog,a bird or a turtle I try to heal them. There are cases when I need more knowledge to help them. I am majoring in biology and plan to attend UGA veterinary school to further my studies in animal well being. Then I plan to visit animal sanctuaries in Thailand, Russia, and others to provide help and love.

Stephanie C.

from LAwrenceville

studying Other

at Georgia Gwinnett College

i want to paint sports gold for childhood cancer
I am a 4 time cancer survivor. After losing my best friends to childhood cancer, I learned that less than 4% of all money raised to fight all cancers goes to pediatric cancer. I want to put gold in the world of sports like pink for breast cancer. I created a non profit for childhood cancer awareness called More Than 4 Athletics.

Sean F.

from Birmingham

studying Business

at Samford universoty

to advocate for minorities internationally
I've always been passionate about journalism, politics, and the way our government works. One day, I hope will utilize a degree in law to represent oppressed minority groups around the world and help them find a better life, as my parents did when they came to the United States. Ultimately, I want to be a driving force that brings people together.

Nima A.

from Austin

studying Public Affairs

at Westwood High School

vision is not a luxury but a necessity
Poor vision is one of the world’s largest unaddressed disabilities that is magnifying as time progresses. Sight affects everything from education to productivity and our future generations. By becoming an Ophthalmologist, I aspire to inspire and create a vision for developing communities through diagnosis, distribution, advocacy, and compassion.

Grace H.

from Houston

studying Medical

at Alief Early College High School