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I want to becaome an Olympic swimmer
To become the best I can be. I want to be able to have a life knowing that I worked hard to come as far as I will. I want to be an olympic swimmer who can enjoy himself with an amazing job.

Webster B.

studying Business

I want to be a nurse.
I want to be a nurse so that i can help people the way nurses help me. I have sickle cell disease and it is my dream to become a nurse and help the sickle cell patients the way i’ve been helped my entire life. I also have a daughter that I have to be the best for.

Yasmine W.

from Birmingham, Alabama

studying Medical

at Jacksonville State University

I want to go the Graduate School
I am the oldest of 8 children the first to go to college and will be the first to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree. I have 3 other siblings as well in College and just want to lead the way for them and show them it can be done. I love sports with the hopes of becoming a softball College coach one day. I strive to be the best I can be.

Mercedes M.

from Santa Ana, California

studying Continuing and Professional Studies

at Trinity Christian College

I want to lead the next generation of leaders
Leaders have a tremendous ability to cultivate the next generation. It might be strange to begin with something leaders shouldn't do, as opposed to something they should do. Very often, seasoned leaders can clearly recognize the leadership potential in certain individuals and are tempted to take it upon themselves to push them in that direction.

Jade D.

from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

studying Medical

To become a Physical Therapist
I have been drawn to this field for sometime, I don't know if it came from watching the news or some other program as a child or the stories my mother told me about her grandfather who was a double amputee.

Kathryn P.

from Houston, Texas

studying Medical

at North Shore Senior High

I want to make a difference in people’s lifes.
I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s life. I have always been one to want to solve problems for others no matter the complexity value they may hold. It doesn’t matter how big or small I want to make a difference. My over all goal is to become a pediatric nurse so I can give families with premature babies a since of hope.

Nicole L.

from Grand Junction, Colorado

studying Medical

at Grand Junction High School

Graduate with a bachelors degree
I will be the first in my family to graduate with a Bachelors Degree. I want to go into the criminal justice field and have a career helping and protecting people. I also want to motivate my younger sibling to get a bachelors degree.

Lydia S.

from North Tonawanda, New York

studying Law

at Buffalo State

I want to Attend a four year college.
I want to become an example of what can come out of hard work and determination.

Hannah B.

from Rienzi, Mississippi

studying Business

at Biggersville High School

Help children in low socioeconomic environments
I grew up with nothing because my parents immigrated from two different countries. Through tough trials they prospered and supported me. We moved to an area which bordered higher income families and low income families. I saw the huge differences between the quality of life and it hurts to see smart children that don't have anything, not move up.

Lisa Y.

from Poughkeepsie, New York

studying Communications

at University at Albany, SUNY

I want to make every child feel good enough
Students face many variations of challenges and I really want to strive to make them feel like they are good enough. I want to show them love and help them to understand that their differences and their backgrounds make them who they are. I want to teach my students the power of knowledge and acceptance no matter where they end up in life.

Caitlynn S.

from Glen Burnie, Maryland

studying Education

at Wesley College

To change the world
What drives my goal is my mother. My mother is the strongest woman I know and I have learned to be strong in the face of hardship. She works everyday so my sisters and I have a college education. Even though being a single mother is hard financially, she never stops working. I will change the world one day, and I have a superb role model behind me.

Erin T.

from Collinsville, Texas

studying Medical

at Collinsville High School

To Live Comfortably & help others do the same.
As a musical theatre major, I understand the difficulty of having a steady income. However, I also realize that while this may be a struggle for me, many people have a hard time living comfortably due to extensive medical bills for illness, losing a job, and many other factors. I hope to use my career to better the lives of others in any way I can.

Amanda D.

from Simi Valley, California

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Penn State