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Help Addicts RECONNECT with their family
My sister was an addict and my family struggled with how to help her. One of the hardest parts about her recovery was after she was clean, we didn't know how to treat her since we had known her as only an addict for so long. Because of my experience I want to be able to help other families. I got my sister back, now its time for me to help others.

Elizabeth R.

from temecula

studying Arts and Sciences

at university of alabama

I want to provide free health care to the people living in poverty-stricken areas. People in these areas cannot afford medicine or trips to the doctor. It is my goal to go to these areas and provide them with the health care they need by opening multiple free healthcare facilities and being a physician there after I get my medical degree.

Mona M.

from Bridgewater

studying Medical

at Academy for Health and Medical Science

I want to help people build communicative bridges
I've had an interest in speech pathology for years, and I hope to one day be able to work with children who have language and speech disorders. Communication with the world is vital to a child's social and physical development, and it's my goal to make sure that every child be given the opportunity to find their own unique voice.

Kayla C.

from Huntington Beach

studying Medical

at University of iowa

provide free healthcare to third world countries
I will create a nonprofit organization that provides free healthcare to children in low income areas worldwide.Thousands of children die everyday from minor sickness such as diarrhea & the common cold. I believe that children are the future & if they continue to receive poor medical attention then there will be no future in these low income areas.

Ama A.

from Bronx

studying Arts and Sciences

at The George Washington University

To provide veterinary care to low-income families.
I originally came from a low-income single parent household where my mother often worked two jobs. My siblings and I often found companionship in animals which taught us the importance of responsibilities and provided much-needed comfort. I want to enable low-income families to have pets without fear of financial strain to enrich their lives.

Xavier C.

from Mesquite

studying Veterinary Health

at Texas A&M University

Push for rights for physically disabled athletes
My little brother has myelomeningocele spina bifida and is an aspiring Paralympic athlete. He plays club wheelchair basketball and track, but UIL Texas guidelines provide limited opportunities for him to compete at school. After attending a four-year university and then obtaining my masters, I hope to become a voice in achieving the needed changes.

Nichole B.

from Mansfield

studying Humanities

at Tarrant County college

I want to inspire young Performers
Whitney Houston once said “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” This quote is important to me because I have always loved helping and inspiring young children to follow their dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.

Terrance S.

from Warner Robins

studying Fine Arts / Design

at American musical and Dramatic Academy

To Teach the future and make it a better place.
I believe that children are the future, and by teaching them, I am changing the future. I can positively affect one student at a time and then that student can go out into the world and positively affect another person and the web will continue to grow. Children need that positive influence in their lives, and I want to accomplish that by teaching.

Danica D.

from Dodge

studying Education

at Wartburg College

Research stem cells and neurodegenerative diseases
Watching Parkinson’s Disease rob my grandfather of his artistic abilities was heartbreaking, but as a neurologist researching w/the Undiagnosed Diseases Network, I could someday develop cures for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. Stems cell research could someday enable new neuron growth, defeating Parkinson’s & similar diseases.

Alexandra N.

from Wooster

studying Arts and Sciences

at Wooster High School

i Want to be the type of leader that inspires
Every person in the entire world has a voice. Behind that voice is a story & each individual story possesses a uniqueness of its own. My goal is to become a broadcaster, a motivational speaker, & an author allowing me to inspire viewers, listeners, & readers across the globe to create & share their own story without any limitations or vulnerability

Nate K.

from San Jose

studying Communications

at Chapman University

improve pediatric Mental health and well-being
By becoming a PMHNP with a certificate in pediatric MH, I could guide children and teens through a difficult time. I could integrate my knowledge from coaching, teaching, and child development to better connect and serve my patients. Feelings are complex, and one should never feel alone. I am also bilingual and currently learning a third language.

Natania Q.

from Miami

studying Medical

at miami-dade college

To become a doctor and improve the lives of others
My goal is to become a physician and help to improve the well-being of others both within the United States and globally through engaging in medical service trips in developing countries. I plan to utilize my knowledge and resources to provide compassionate care to my patients and educate individuals on adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Lexi L.

from grand rapids

studying Medical

at Forest hills northern High school