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This money will insure that I finish school. Growing up we did not have much it was just me, my older sister, and my father. My father has always gave us his last even when he didn't have nothing he made sure we was straight. This money will help me finish school and this time I want to help my father out for a chance.

Alana D.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Humanities

at Western Illinois University

Art THERAPY: Battle Mental Illness
Art therapy is fun and freeing for those who struggle with anxiety disorders, depression, ptsd, and trauma. My goal is to become an art therapist and help those who are unable to effectively express themselves orally by helping them pick up an art tool and heal from life's battles. (I will also be minoring in psychology.) Art and science unite!

Susana M.

from Houston, Texas

studying Fine Arts / Design

at San Jacinto College

influence the lives of the public for the BETTER
I'm a Social Work major and Public Administration minor. I'm on my way to graduating a year early and hope to get my Master's right after. I want to work in Public Policy, going the Macro side of Social work. I want to research and do advocacy and influence the policies that affect my life and my loved ones.

Skoervitch E.

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of South Florida

To become a nurse who makes a difference
I grew up with a cancer-struck disabled brother and a single mother who worked nonstop to provide for my siblings and me. My mother became my inspiration to achieve my goals and become an independent women to be able to provide for myself no matter what hardships the future brings. She taught me to be strong and humble and to never stop achieving.

Kat J.

from Hope, Texas

studying Medical

at Victoria College

I want to bring more women into the stem field
Diversity is a strong tool that cultivates minds, generates a mix of ideas and creates new experiences. I had the idea Computer Pop Up. It’s based off a pop up shops. Instead of retail, Computer Pop Up would be a temporary fixture where women from a variety of STEM fields come together and talk about their job, what they do, and show off projects.

Jaelyn B.

Become a Radiology Tech
I want to go into radiology, because I think it is an important part of healthcare. It is being apart of a team, which I think is important in life.

Kaylee S.

from Breese, Illinois

studying Medical

at Central Community High School

Better the aviation industry through innovation
My first year of college has really taught me a lot about the aviation industry itself. One notable aspect is that the way we transport goods hasn't changed. One way to solve this dilemma is welcoming innovation. The ability to develop new transport systems has been lacking, and it is up to the young generation to bring new ideas to the spotlight.

Rohan S.

from Cincinnati

studying Business

at The Ohio State University

To save the lives of children
In May of 2021, would like to say that I have graduated from nursing school and am on my way to get my license. When I do get my license I want to specialize in pediatric medicine and focus on those in the ICU. Not only do I want to help him or her improve his or her health, but I want to be his or emotional support and friend during treatment.

Arielle M.

from Jacksonville, North Carolina

studying Medical

at Anna Maria College

I want to cure the disease not treat symptoms.
There are many things driving me to this goal including my granddad having cancer, things I have witnessed from being a volunteer fire fighter and even my own illnesses. I don't want to just make someone more comfortable by taking the symptoms away. I want to cure the disease or illness. That's why I am going into the medical field.

Kaelin B.

from Hines, Oregon

studying Medical

at Oregon State University

save homeless families
Everyday ill go outside or ill go for a drive i will see a young helpless lady or man with kids. Just by them holding the signs and knowing that they probably did not eat, shower, have any money, or a simple conservation from someone. I am not a rich person but i do want to help each homeless person as much as a can. My heart melts seeing that..

Brazil B.

from Charlotte, North Carolina

I want to Bring lacrosse to low income students.
After finding lacrosse, my eyes were opened to another world. As well as finding a game I loved, I was connected to a huge community dedicated to "growing the game." This idea inspires me to share lacrosse with others. But it's expensive. A stick can easily cost over $100, barring kids from a passion or gateway into success. I want to change that.

Alex K.

from St. Louis

at Parkway North High School

To own a business
Right now i want to get as business and desgin major.i would be able to build them both up and be able to make a nonprofit organization to be able to make there dresses what they always dream of for the low income families who arent able to buy there kids 15 or sweet sixteen or dream prom/wedding dress

Aryanuj V.

from Glendale, California

studying Fine Arts / Design