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I want to eliminate the fear of cancer
When I was a kid my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and after many years of fighting, she passed away. I have seen what cancer does to a person and their family, by earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, I will be able to collaboratively perform cutting-edge research in the effort of curing different types of cancer and bring hope to many.

John M.

from Philadelphia

studying Medical

at Penn state abington

Give hope to those without hope
I lost both my grandfathers to complications related to the brain and its subsequent surgery. I dream of developing neurosurgical robotics to assist with operating on this delicate, complex command center of our body. I dream of giving hope to those who think they can never walk again, feel again or even talk because of brain related issues.

Joel J.

from Ocoee

studying Medical

at WEst Orange HighSchool

I want to foster a socially responsible business that is driven to help others. Someone I knew was found to have been stealing money from his company, and it upset me. Corporations have so much potential to do good, but often they don't. As a finance major, I want to become a CEO and shape my company into one passionate about serving others!

Bryce D.

from Brownsburg

studying Business

at Indiana University - Bloomington

I want to be a military trauma surgeon
My youngest sister, who suffers from a severely debilitating mitochondrial disorder, has been a huge influence on my decision to pursue medicine. However, three years ago, I started volunteering at a summer camp for children of wounded warriors. As a military brat myself, their stories really impacted me and led me to pursue military medicine.

Lydia G.

from Stafford

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of alabaMa

to provide healthcare services to rural areas.
Growing up in a rural area, I see a need for better healthcare for many residents. As medical personnel migrate to larger cities, more and more rural areas are becoming underserved at an alarming rate. As a Nurse Practitioner, I want to reverse this trend by providing much deserved medical care for underserved communities. I will change the world!

Kennedy H.

from Sylacauga

studying Medical

at Central alabama community college

I want to change people’s lives through medicine.
I have recently suffered extensive health issues and know first-hand how debilitating they can be. My goal in life is to continue learning about Biology at the molecular level, as its complexity fascinates me. By joining the medical professionals in the world, I will aid people in enhancing their quality of life through medicine.

Annabell R.

from carrollton

studying Medical

at Baylor university

touching souls through music therapy
Music is a universal language, used to connect with the community. My passion for music grew early on and I truly wanted to share my talent for others. Receiving a Music Therapy degree will help me reach farther and influence many, and I am thrilled that Music Therapy will help improve life from babies in the NICU, to the elderly in nursing homes!

ariana H.

from Locust grove

studying Arts and Sciences

at Saint Mary of the woods college

i want to write inclusive children's books
I want to write representative and inclusive children's books that kids of any background can relate to. We need more representation in literature so that children can identify themselves as valid heroes no matter what they look like. Reading stories is an essential part of growing up, and I want to be an ally and voice to future storytellers.

Kara M.

from pittsburgh

studying Communications

at University of georgia

As a woman of color, being in the political realm is extremely challenging. We are under-represented, and I hope to change that narrative by becoming a Political Commentator. My hope is to educate women on the importance of knowing policies, laws, and exercising their right to vote, ultimately inspiring them to seek careers in politics.

Ciara W.

from Las Vegas

studying Communications

at Hampton University

I know from experience that hard work and education can make a big difference in the quality of life for others. Because of this, I've organized a humanitarian project that provides transpiration and school supplies to poor children in Mexico. It was very successful and gave me a love for humanitarian work and the motivation for future projects.

Dylan E.


studying Business

at Utah state university

Children shouldn’t have to suffer through the physical and emotional trauma associated with a cancer diagnosis. It is my goal to serve as a Physician’s Assistant and specialize in Pediatric Oncology so I can help treat these young patients. Along with helping them medically, I know I can have an even greater influence on their hearts and minds.

Shelby C.

from Aiken

studying Medical

at (To Be Determined)

Two things have always mattered the most for me: solving problems within my community and an intellectual curiosity for biology. Because of this, I know that medicine is the right career for me. I aspire to become a neuroscientist and dedicate my life to innovating a drug that cures Alzheimer's, transforming the lives of 44 million patients.

Aryan V.

from Overland Park

studying Medical

at Blue Valley West High School