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To do what I love for the rest of my life
I was raised in a small, southern town. Therefore, my dream of wanting to be a singer/actress was nearly unheard of. Despite the criticism I received for my decision, I still held onto my dream. My hope is to be able to make a name for myself and prove all those who have doubted me wrong. I can't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.

Tracey B.

from Lebanon, Virginia

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Southwest Virginia Community College- Alumni Office

Become President of the United States
To change the world for the better. Help those who are unable to help themselves whether because of finances or lack of resources. My dream is to restore the prestige of the Presidency while simultaneously creating a new respect and trust in our government and its leaders. I wish to be as smart as I can be and create hope for anyone who has lost it

Shavawnte S.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Business

at University of Illinois at Chicago

Change the world by loving one person at a time
I believe love is not only a feeling but is an action of constantly dying to your desires and putting others before you. It is my mission to empower others to see their value and the value of others.I want to help facilitate a transformation in their hearts to unite the divisions in our culture and world.

Alanna M.

studying Continuing and Professional Studies

at Christopher Newport University

To make my parents proud
My parents are already under hardship with bills for my father's cancer treatment and are desperately looking for relief in a world that doesn't value it's students who are seeking higher education. We're worried about my future. I just want to be able to go to and graduate college and make them proud.

Kayla H.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Technology

at Valparaiso University

Make music
I want to bring the world the unique perspective of being a young black man with Asperger's syndrome, interwoven within the most experimental/psychedelic tunes ever made.

Savan D.

studying Arts and Sciences

at Montgomery County Community College

Redesign the Automotive industry.
I love the vision that many of Musk's companies have set for themselves. They are driving and creating the pathway for the future with no patents, reusable energy, less environmental emissions, and a cleaner life for our children. I've always been interested in efficiency and reliability of technology and would love to add my view to the world.

Jeffrey W.

from Reno, Nevada

studying Engineering

at University of Nevada, Reno

To teach students the value of education and music
I've always loved music and I would like to teach students the importance of education and music in their lives. If school is boring then students will not be excited about their education. However, if you apply music to their learning experience, then young students will want to come to school and learn more to expand their educational knowledge.

MaKalie S.

from Nahunta, Georgia

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Armstrong State University

Own and Manage my own daycare
Ever since I had my only child I have had an infectious love for children and my own daughter of course. I have worked in a daycare and those children were just amazing! I enjoyed caring for them and playing with them, they gave me energy to keep going. I have enrolled back into school after two years to pursue my Business Administration degree.

Darien B.

from Detroit, Michigan

studying Business


break the chain
I come from a broken family plagued by poverty. Nevertheless, there's a lot of statistics that show kids of drug addicts don't become successful. I'm already proving those stats wrong by going to college. I plan on obtaining my degree in teacher education so that I can provide kids like me with the necessary motivation and tools to be successful.

Jamie M.

from Henderson, Tennessee

studying Education

at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Help children enjoy reading again.
Over the course of my freshmen year at University of Memphis I've thought a lot about how much reading means to me, and how little it has meant to those around me. I know that whatever I end up doing after college I want it to involve books. I could be a teacher or a librarian, or I could write books, there are so many options to explore.

Nora P.

from Memphis, Tennessee

studying Humanities

at University of Memphis

Help people with addiction and mental disorders
Both myself and my sister are survivors of domestic violence, and a close relative of mine has struggled with addiction her whole life. I want to be able to help others in situations similar to ours and show them they are not alone

Allie W.

from Tucson, Arizona

studying Medical

at Thompson Valley High School

I want to help children that experience what I have.
Growing up, I experienced anxiety. I found that I have a few different types of anxiety disorders. I also recently was diagnosed with epilepsy. However, through all of the hard times in my life, I am going to college to double major in Clinical Psychology and Social Work. I want to help mentally ill & physically ill children get through it all.

Allyson K.

from Toronto, Ohio

studying Personal Development

at Franciscan University of Steubenville