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to make a better life for myself and my new family
my family never got to really go to college and I want to change that I want my life to be better. I want to be able to have the chance to make the differents for me. but I don't make money to be able to go and take the chance.

Deanna R.

from Laporte, Minnesota

studying Communications

at Roseville Area High School

I would like to become a pharmacist.
Born in Chicago and moving to many major cities, I've seen and heard many stories of drug abuse and family struggles. My mom was a pharmacy technician for half her career before becoming a nurse. She inspired me to work hard for everything no matter how hard it seemed. I want to inspire others in the same way as well as having a healthy lifestyle.

James R.

from Chicago, Illinois

at University of Maryland University College

I want to change the future of my famiLy
Growing up it was always a struggle financially and a few months ago I realized that if I didn't do something else with my life I would lead the same life for my future family. I am a few months away from graduating from Troy University with a degree in Business Administration and I plan on applying to UAB immediately after for dentistry school.

Jacey B.

from Troy, Alabama

studying Business

at Troy University

to become a nurse And help others.
What really helps drive me to me achieve my goal is that people are always in need of help left and right. This one time my grandfather was ill in the hospital for two months straight and it was devastating that I as a person who wants to become a Registered Nurse saw that many Nurses didn't have the compassion I want to deliver to others.

Jay V.

from Pharr, Texas

studying Medical

at PSJA North Raiders

End styrofoam use!
I'm only 18 years old and pollution is a growing problem get worse and worse by the day. I want to have children one day who can live in a non polluted world. One of the worst materials causing pollution in styrofoam due to it never breaking down.

John G.

from Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow Oblast

studying Business

I want to become a teacher/coach to change lives
I was impacted by my teachers and coaches in a big way. I would love to do the same for my future students. Our education system needs teachers who want to teach and change lives. If I can help young men and women learn not only school curriculum but life lessons as well, then my goal is complete. My love for football is expanding everyday.

Lane W.

from Garland, Texas

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of North Texas

Clean Water Sources
The freshwater that is used by billions of people daily is becoming unusable so I would love to find a way to clean unusable water sources around the world.

Katie V.

from Fergus Falls, Minnesota

studying Environmental Sciences

at University of Minnesota, Morris

I want to be able to help students enjoy life !
I am going to be a future teacher that understands the side of students that teachers don't get. I was a struggling student with my academics and my goal is to help each and every kid I can inside and outside the classroom so that they will be able to achieve the goals they have. "Nothing is given, everything is earned."

Ian H.

from Coshocton, Ohio

studying Education

at The Ohio State University

To graduate college despite my setbacks
My goal is to show everyone that with hard work and determination anything is possible. I was going to college just like a normal student and some set backs happened causing me to drop out of college for a year. Now I am back full force working a full time job AND going to school full time.

Thomas H.

from Weslaco, Texas

studying Law

at The University of Oklahoma

I want To Have a hand in Hope
There are several things happening in the world now-a-days and I want to know that with my nursing degree I can help someone live again, I can cure someones mother, sister, dad, brother. I want to be the one who gives hope to an individual ghat they will get through whatever it is. As a nurse I believe I can change the world one patient at a time.

DeJah J.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Medical

at Northern Michigan University

To make fair trials and fix the criminal justice system
I want to become a prosecutor so that way I can move up in the field to become a judge. I will be able to fix things that are wrong with the justice system. Seeing my family encounters with the justice system made me think what could I do to help others.

La'Tayveon M.

from Houston, Texas

studying Arts and Sciences

at Lamar University

Become a better me
The goal i set, is to become a better me. Just like several other, I would like to change the world, and help everyone. Small problem, you can not change people nor can you help everyone. What I can do is change who I am. I can become more educated and diverse. I can impact and influence those who are around me by my actions and words.

Jesi R.

from Nederland, Texas

studying Business

at Midwestern State University