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I want to help people contInue doing their best
I've always had a love of helping people. Being an Occupational a therapist would allow me to do what I love while helping people get back to what they do best. I can't think of anything better than helping people do what they love again.

Jordan M.

from Chesterfield, Virginia

studying Medical

at Virginia Commonwealth University

My passion is to teach children. Our youth are the one's going to help lead society one day and I want to be able to make an impact on those kids so that this world is in good hands. I don't want these children to be corrupt in any way and I want to help them be the best people they can possibly be in a world filled with hate.

Mackenzie H.

from Paducah, Kentucky

studying Education

at Murray State University

I want to be a head designer of an international firm
As a Venezuela born citizen I want to be able to not only design buildings and houses in the United States but also in 3rd world countries like my own.

Carmen V.

from Maracaibo, Venezuela

studying Architecture

at Florida International University

Inspire Kids to Chase Their Dreams
As a kid who never wanted to settle for normality, I want to become an elementary teacher to impact kid's lives and show them that they can dream big, work hard, and accomplish their goals.

Bailey S.

from Hackleburg, Alabama

studying Education

at The University of Alabama

I want to build a camp for special needs kids
God has given me a vision to use that goal to bring Him glory and make Him known. I want to build this camp to help people realize that special needs kids are awesome and normal people who are so joyful. They bring so much joy to people and are such a blessing to so many! I want them to be able to experience camp like any kid.

Kevin M.

from Phillipsburg, New Jersey

at Liberty University

Save the environment
Architecture and construction have major environmental impacts, and there is a clear need to adjust the ways in which we design and build the world around us to have a smaller carbon footprint. I want to find innovative ways to satisfy our needs and wants as humans without compromising our planet.

Taylor E.

studying Architecture

at University of Maryland

Learn to make prosthetics for animals
I have loved animals forever. There are many animals who are born with deformities, or are injured and have a low quality of life. These animals deserve help to achieve a high quality of life like any other animal.

Alex M.

from New Prague, Minnesota

studying Agricultural Studies

at University of Minnesota

Become a Deaf and Special education Teacher
There are many things that drives me to achieve my goals such as good vibes, encouragement from others, set schedule and support from others!

Gabrielle T.

from Elkhart, Indiana

studying Education

at Ball State University

I Want to Defeat Cancer
At 18, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer while a member of the U.S. Army. I overcame cancer and I want to help the world defeat cancer. I’m determined to figure out how to prevent cancer and ways to annihilate cancer if it occurs in you or your loved ones. I’m studying to become an oncology specialist where I will help destroy cancer!

Jordan M.

from Smyrna, Tennessee

studying Medical

at Tennessee State University

Graduate as a first generation college student
As the first in my generation (combining siblings as well as my cousins) to attend college, I'm setting the example for them and my much younger siblings to achieve their dreams, whether they want to go to college or not. It's been a struggle, but I'm trying my best to make myself an example and for them to believe they can achieve anything, too!

Harli P.

from Rockford, Illinois

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Full Sail University

Give a voice to the voiceless
For the past two summers I have dedicated 90 hours every week to working with adults with intellectual disability and mental illness. This population is one of the most marginalized and requires people to be educated more on the subject. I hope to be able to provide this education through integrating this population into the community.

Jenna M.

from Joliet, Illinois

at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I want to help and inform the world about animals.
I have been in many instances of where I had to give away or put down a pet due to being ill or behaviorally bad. I want to change that and give every animal a chance at life. I believe in holistic medicine which helps the body produce more of the nutrients it needs than to simply add it to the diet. Thank you for supporting me!

Emily T.

from Blaine, Minnesota

studying Veterinary Health

at University of Wisconsin-River Falls