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To get an Education
I don't want to be working at a minimum wage job for the rest of my life.

Meg S.

from Dodge City, Kansas

at Dodge City Community College

I want to eliminate the Opportunity Gap
I've always had a passion for children and Teaching was the perfect fit. Sadly the more I learn about how schools work the more I realize there is a big problem. The fact that where you live and come from still determines how well of an education you receive is simply ridiculous. Every child deserves the best and I want to make sure they get that.

Kierstin W.

from Millbrae, California

studying Education

at University of South Carolina

I want to get a masters degree to support parents
My parents came to the United States Of America to give my brother and I a better chance at success. They work low wages jobs with extremely long hours to support my brothers and I through school. I want to get a good job so I can support them and allow the to retire. I also want to help them go back to Korea to see the grandparents in Korea.

Jong Woo L.

from Seoul, South Korea

studying Business

at Northern Virginia Community College

conserve/preserve the species we have on earth.
I aim to help reduce the destruction of the world's precious species. I hope to rehabilitate and release injured, abandoned, and neglected animals back into their natural habitats in an effort to maintain their species' survival. Our ecosystem is precious and essential to the function of Earth, our home. We must do everything we can to protect it.

Emily P.

from Chattanooga, Tennessee

studying Veterinary Health

at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

To protect our nation
I want to become a Computer Engineer in order to design and create dependable firewalls, and repair servers.

Trevor M.

from Elko, Nevada

studying Engineering

at Elko High School

Make patient care reliable and personal
Patient care is very unpredictable. You can have a thorough, personal doctor or someone who wants to get the job done. My step father's oncologist was the first of the two, and he inspired me to go into the medical field because of his patient care. I think every patient should have that connection and comfort with a doctor.

Nathalie L.

from Waltham, Massachusetts

studying Medical

at Northeastern University

I want to remove pollution from OUr great oceans.
I firmly believe that this is the only chance we have to save our world. I will do whatever I can to cause rapid change.

Nathaniel T.

from Topeka, Kansas

studying Environmental Sciences

at Grandview High School

I would like to help Orphans by behcomIng a nurse
Growing up I watched my mom struggle with MS and ovarian cancer it was the nurses that changed her sadness to hopefulness. Then for years I have gone on mission trips where I met many orphans with medical needs where my heart broke because I was not able to do anything to help besides the basics. Nursing will open doors for many blessings!

Shenishia B.

from Norman, Oklahoma

studying Medical

at University of Central Oklahoma

I want to make families important again
I've seen the world and how families have slowly disintegrated into practically nothing. I want to lobby for families and make it important to the world. I know I can do this. I know I can help through marriage and family counseling and I hope to go to D.C and change the world for the better

Jessica G.

from Hereford, Texas

studying Personal Development

at Utah Valley University

Financial stability (getting out of my $60,000debt
This accumulates every day in interest! Loans stink and I don't even get to have fun, go out, or do anything! I don't even have a car! Help me, Dr Pepper! HELLLLPP MEEEEEE

Chris G.

from Harlingen, Texas

studying Medical

at Texas State University

Get rid of the drug Fentanyl!
Insys Therapeutics Inc. makes a highly addictive, lethal drug for pain, called Fentanyl. This company recently donated $500,000 to keep medical marijuana illegal, only to keep their wallets full. Putting an end to this company and other companies legally ruling the drug market would be a great justice to society; I will achieve this.

Janie S.

from Denver, Colorado

studying Law

at United Tribes Technical College

Teach dance to underprivileged kids
I'm a dancer and have been my whole life. For years I have struggled with the idea of being a professional dancer, as it wouldn't allow me to be financially stable. So I'm majoring in Communications but still dancing. They way music makes me feel, I know that it is something that I have to share - especially to those who can't afford dance classes.

Leigha-Janae A.

studying Communications

at Kankakee Community College