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We will reveal this year’s finalists soon! Finalists will throw for a chance at $100,000 in tuition during the College Football Conference Championship games, held December 6-7.

I want to eliminate the fear of cancer
When I was a kid my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and after many years of fighting, she passed away. I have seen what cancer does to a person and their family, by earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, I will be able to collaboratively perform cutting-edge research in the effort of curing different types of cancer and bring hope to many.

John M.

from Philadelphia

studying Medical

at Penn state abington

I know from experience that hard work and education can make a big difference in the quality of life for others. Because of this, I've organized a humanitarian project that provides transpiration and school supplies to poor children in Mexico. It was very successful and gave me a love for humanitarian work and the motivation for future projects.

Dylan E.

from st.george

studying Business

at Utah state university

To inspire knowledge and love for animal health.
Pursuing my degree in Veterinary Medicine allows me the opportunity to serve patients who cannot formally communicate their symptoms. My goal is to open a summer camp for children to learn how to perform basic care and training to shelter animals. My Christian faith and love for animals drives me to aid people and animals to live a healthier life.

Jacob W.

from Sulphur

studying Graduate Studies

at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Seeking medical help is something most people avoid. After witnessing my mother, a nurse, put smiles on patient's faces even in unpleasant situations, I was inspired to make a similar impact. As a future pharmacist, I desire to put patients' needs first and be their main advocate. I aim to educate patients and be a professional they can trust.

Megan M.

from Colorado Springs

studying Medical

at University of Wyoming

To improve local economies in 3rd world countries!
As a first-generation child in America, I was blessed to receive all of the amazing opportunities that my parents worked so hard to provide for me, but for family back home that wasn't the case. I want to be able to help equip third world counties with the tools they need to prosper economically and educate them on how to build generational wealth.

Kwame A.

from Fort worth

studying Business

at Sam Houston State University

to inspire others through stories
Stories bring us closer together. Film is an audio/visual medium of storytelling. I want to use this medium of storytelling to bring people closer together and inspire them for generations to come. With film as prevalent as it is, I want to use my passion to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to do incredible things.

Trevor T.

from Surrprise

studying Communications

at Northern Arizona University

to provide lifesaving medicines and technologies.
Watching my little brother battle Type One Diabetes, losing my father to Heart Disease, seeing my grandparents fight Cancer, and my struggle with Acne has motivated me to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical Science. I am passionate about providing new lifesaving technologies and medicines to those struggling to manage diseases.

Dana C.

from Woodville

studying Medical

at texas a&M

To provide physical therapy clinics to all.
When faced with adversities; my family had to search for more affordable ways to do everything. I plan to merge my passion for helping individuals have a healthy and mobile life with my determination to not have affordability or accessibility be a concern. My family had to fight for hope. I need others to know that I will give them hope again!

Makenna D.

from woodbridge

studying Medical

at University of delaware

Change the unhealthy way society views food.
In America eating should be an enjoyable daily activity, however eating can cause many people anxiety and stress. Food is marketed in a way that confuses consumers, food labels are complicated and the media constantly talks about food recalls and foods that cause.. I want to clear up the confusion and make eating healthy and fun again.

Marie J.

from Middltown

studying Graduate Studies

at Cox College

I want to change lives through practicing medicine
Throughout my life, I have had the dream of becoming a noteworthy neurologist when I get older. I believe the brain is a black box with endless mysteries, and I would like to help find many of these mysteries. This goal, along with my heart for helping others, has aided in growing a passion for medicine, and changing and saving the lives of people.

Donovan G.

from Olive branch

studying Medical

at Mississippi State University

To give equal opportunitIes to the youth
I have always been one to help others before myself. It gives me joy and pride to know I helped someone achieve their dreams. I want to make recreational centers for kids who have big dreams but come up in communities where they don’t have the resources to do so. The centers will give the kids a place to relax and stay distraction free.

Damon G.

from Yuba CIty

studying Medical

at Baylor University

Bridge the schism in healthcare around the world.
Volunteering in health camps for the underprivileged in India, I witnessed first-hand the lack of access to medical specialists. As a future cardiologist, I will create a system for specialists to provide tele-consulting to remote clinics. Committing to a life of service, I aim to bridge the schism in healthcare and make medical knowledge global.

Gaurie G.

from San Diego

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of Michigan