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make the world a better place.
i want to help make the world a better place because we live in a bad environment for the animals and humans. i want to give the animals a great place to live in.

Autumn M.

from Asheville, North Carolina

studying Forestry and Natural Resources

at Pheonix University

My Goal is to make chIldrens Lives beTter.
I plan to increase the overall health of children by becoming a pediatric occupational therapist. I plan to get my bachelors degree in Anthropology and masters in Pediatric Occupational Therapy. With this degree, I will be able to teach children how to smile again by helping them continue successfully through life without the use of a limb.

Ariell F.

studying Arts and Sciences

become a music therapist to help children in need
I am finishing up my last year at Ocean County College & I really hope to attend Montclair State University to be a part of their Music Therapy Program! Music Therapy is very new, and a very rare program to find where I live unfortunately. MSU is the only school in the NJ who has my program and has perfect transfer requirements to fit my needs!

Brianne N.

from Toms River, New Jersey

studying Liberal Studies

at Ocean County College

To do my part in society
I've always believed and been taught that being a part of something bigger and contributing to the success of my future and those around me is part of all our life missions. Completing and graduating college will help me to achieve this goal. And is something I've always wanted

Caleb C.

from Provo, Utah

studying Political Sciences

at Utah Valley University

To open a wild animal park in Eastern Washington.
I have always loved animals and have wanted to work with them. My love grew into a desire to care for these creatures and help educate others on how to properly respect the creatures around them.

Shania S.

from Phelan, California

at Washington State University

My Goal Is to graduate college
Graduating college has always been my goal since I was a kid. I want to have a successful life with a great career. The best way I know how is to finish college strong.

Morgan W.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

studying Business

at Penn State

To be part of the animation/game making experience
As an artist, I'm always looking for inspiration as well as means to improve my artistic skills. Eventually, I want to be able to learn all I can about game design and animation in a great university so that I can one day make splendid animated shows/movies and Video Games for everyone, including me, to enjoy.

James M.

studying Fine Arts / Design

My goal is to be a successful Music producer.
My sophomore year of high school, I became my school's DJ, which inspired me to pursue music in my future. My interest in music began at age 9, when I learned to play the piano. I later learned to play guitar, cello, and percussion. I hope to use my skills as a musician to advance in career in music production and use that music to inspire others.

Joffrey H.

from Wichita, Kansas

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Tri-City Prep

My Goal is to complete my two years of collage.
I want to be able to live a good life, I feel as through school it will better my life in the long run. I hope to have a job I like in the future and hopefully a family, seeing school as a stepping stone to achieve these goals. So my over all goal is to complete my first to years of collage to make a good life for myself and others.

Kaylee F.

from Peculiar, Missouri

studying Graduate Studies

at Missouri State University-West Plains

I Will help our youth achieve a better tomorrow
As an elementary/special education major I aspire to teach the youth, our future, to continue to love unabashedly and to give to others. I want to show them how simple it is to go through life with an open heart and an open mind. The wisdom of a child often goes unnoticed and I want them to know they can make a difference.

Alexandra D.

studying Education

at Salve Regina University

i want to motivate people to do their best
I personally have found myself in some low places in my life where I've had no motivation to excel while knowing I have potential to do great things. I want to be successful in my academics and career so I can one day motivate others to reach their full potential and to positively influence the people around me to do their best.

Gwen G.

studying Business

I want to show and teach art to kids for free
There are so many different paths you can take with an art and design degree and people don't realize that. Art classes are expensive and I want to provide different classes that allow people to truly find what they enjoy through art. I believe more people would get in to art if they had a starting point, so why not free art classes?

Quincy H.

from Nashville, Tennessee

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Volunteer State Community College