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Help people via government
I've read and heard of people suffering domestically and abroad, and we can't allow that to happen. As a politician, one has to use their power to make decisions to better peoples' lives, and not to their own benefit. In pursuing this, I want to help people achieve a better lot in life.

Gloria L.

from Moses Lake, Washington

studying Political Sciences

at Central Washington University

bD in health science, masters in speech pathology
I believe anything that you want in life, you can get! Everything is gained through hard work and dedication. My goal is to eventually live in korea to teach English. I want to not only make my family proud, but most importantly myself

Kierra A.

from Baltimore, Maryland

studying Arts and Sciences

at UAA: University of Alaska Anchorage

I arrived in the U.S. when I was 4 to later become a permanent resident. My voice may be smaller than those who are citizens, but it is still louder than those without papers. I want to be a representative for minorities, tell the stories that go unheard by the ears of white men. To tweak legal systems to limit fiasco or simply find an alternative.

Michelle V.

studying Law

at West High School - Salt Lake City

educational goal : masters in forensic scientist
My goal, is to help families around the world struggling to find answers on why a heinous crime was committed. I want to help solve mysteries on murder cases , missing children cases and criminal activity. I want to help society by finding answers and bring the honest truth to family ,friends and loved-ones.

Halana N.

from San Francisco, California

studying Medical

at Consumnes River College J.C.

End PoVerty, human trafficKing And hunger
Join forces with UNICEF and other big organizations to help end these cases in third world countries. Coming from a third world country myself, it motivates me to help these children more than anything else in the world.

Mysha F.

from Dhaka, Bangladesh

studying Law

at Syracuse University

I want to lead us towards a sustainable future
As a Sustainability student, I realize the potential we have as individuals, communities and humanity to start heading towards a more prosperous future. In no way an easy feat. But with innovation, collaboration and hands on work, we will be on the right path. I want to show that smart sustainable cities can be in our future. We shape it.

Josiana K.

studying Environmental Sciences

at Arizona State University

Treat Mental Disorders
There's been a lot of people in my life who have been through so much trauma or have just struggled wih anxiety, depression and so on. I want to be able to help people go through with their lives by becoming a clinical psychologist, possibly even helping those with much more severe disorders like schizophrenia.

Brandon M.

from Fort Myers, Florida

studying Arts and Sciences

at UTRGV - The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Help Feed Kids around the world.
I wanted to travel around the world and help kids that are in need and stop the hunger. No one deserve to go to sleep with an empty stomach. It is my dream to accomplish what I am passionate. I will one day finish them all and help those who are in need.

Sunny P.

from Amphoe Muang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand

studying Arts and Sciences


Change Lives!
There is something incredible that happens when a person finally decides to change for the best. I've felt it in my own life, and I want to get the best education to help others change their lives. I want to spread joy, and success. Nothing in this world would feel better than just that.

Nicole H.

at Pathway (BYU-Idaho)

Become a software developer
Being in front of the computer and working appeals to me very much and even more so when all the work goes towards a final, concise end product.

Lesley T.

from Sacramento, California

studying Engineering

at UC Davis

To overcome mental disorders and heAlth issueS
I never really knew what it would feel like to lose someone from a strong health issue. That’s until one day in 2015, it happened to me when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4 & months later she passed away. I knew still being in high school would be hard to stay on task.I began having therapy,that’s when I knew I wanted to help people.

Mayela A.

from Sylmar, California

studying Liberal Studies

at Los Angeles Mission College

Provide sustainable representation for individuals
I plan on achieving my goal by understanding the theoretical issue that underlies poor representation of individuals.

Beatrice S.

studying Political Sciences