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Become A dentist
I have had a very low income up bringing and wish to break free of this currency problems. I am determined to achieve my goals because they will help me escape the previously mentioned problem and not have to worry about it for basically the rest of my life. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there and think this scholarship would help me.

Eliott F.

from Ottawa, Illinois

studying Medical

at Ottawa Township High School District 140

I want to become a Pediatric surgeon
I want to be able to give back to the world by helping children overcome some of the toughest situations they'll ever have to face in their lives. I broke my collarbone when I was younger, and I remember the support I got from the doctor as he helped me deal with the pain. I hope to one day be able to help in the same way as that doctor

Colton S.

from Biloxi, Mississippi

studying Medical

at Washington State University

I want to run a program for troubled youth.
I have worked with people of all ages for 4 years dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders, addiction, and mental illness. working with my clients I have learned different strategies to help people understand that they are loved and are important. I have grown a passion for troubled youth particularly. I want to provide the support that they need.

Miranda P.

from Ogden, Utah

studying Personal Development

at Two Rivers High School

Save people from their past mistakes
I'd like to become a dermatologist to save people from their damaging mistakes from their past, such as tanning beds. These are known to be bad, but saving people from them would be a better alternative to counteracting the fight. I'd like to educate people on how to take better care of their skin as well.

Liz M.

from Ramsey, Minnesota

studying Communications

at University of Minnesota

Give courage to those who need it
I want to be an art therapist. I struggled with depression and almost died because of it. I discovered art as a way to fight my demons. I want to give people that same courage I found. Plus, there's nothing like screaming at a canvas and throwing paint all over it!

Brieanna B.

from Prineville, Oregon

studying Fine Arts / Design

at OCAC - Oregon College of Art and Craft

I want to be A lawyer & fight for People's rights
Injustice & cruelty are so prominent in the world right now & it sickens me. I want to become a lawyer because I want to fight for people who are oppressed within society, such as minorities & homeless. I firmly believe everyone deserves to be as happy as they allow themselves to be, & I want to help them achieve that by fighting for their rights.

Becca B.

from Newburgh, Indiana

studying Law

at Castle High School

Learn the process on how language is acquired.
What drives me to achieve my goal is seeing my immigrant mother work so hard so I can go to school and make a career of what I choose to major in (linguistics). I want her to be proud of what I will accomplish, I want to show her how I will be able to transfer to a good university and build a career for myself, all for her to be proud.

Daisy D.

studying Arts and Sciences

at Monterey Peninsula College

I WANT to create technology for world use.
First of one of my mom children to go to college. She drives me to succeed. She raised me to help others. And with bring new ideas to technology I hope to help others And also shine light on the underreprestend.

Eddie J.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Technology

at Olive-Harvey College

Start a non profit for kidney cancer
My mother passed from kidney cancer in 2011. I want to go to school to start my own business and non profit in order to find a cure. Medical bills were hard on my family and I want to start a non profit that strives to cure cancer as well as donates to those affected by the results of cancer. Being given this opportunity would mean the world to me.

Cole K.

studying Business

at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

enlighten people
Teaching and guiding people really make most of my days. I want today's generation to learn and understand that we all can learn from each other. Everyone is a teacher at heart, and we're all learners too. The saying "you learn something new everyday" is key in my everyday life. I especially want it to be in other's as well.

I'Keanna B.

from Bolivar, Tennessee

studying Medical

at Rockwall-Heath High School

Solve nuclear fusion and create sustainable energy
Using petroleum for a source of energy has many adverse effects on the environment. We need petroleum for reasons other than energy like making synthetic materials and plastics. Nuclear fusion is also safer, more efficient, and cleaner than other sources of energy. I want to make the world a place that has sustainable energy for centuries.

Mekiel O.

from Belen, New Mexico

studying Engineering

at The University of New Mexico - UNM

To become a Pediatric cardiologist and educate
I want to save the lives of children and cure their heart problems. My dad's heart problems drives me to learn more about the heart and be able to help children have a healthy heart starting young. I would like to help children in low-income communities so that I may also educate and help them create a path towards college.

Viral J.

from Yuba City, California

studying Medical

at UC Davis