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SEC Championship Game Finalists
I want to restore people's ability to speak.
I am studying to become a speech pathologist working with people who have had traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other disorders that have taken away their ability to communicate. Communication is what unites the human race, and I want to provide people who have lost their speech the therapy needed to communicate again with their loved ones.

Alina S.

from Mesquite, TX

studying Communications

at The University of Texas at Austin

improve pediatric Mental health and well-being
By becoming a PMHNP with a certificate in pediatric MH, I could guide children and teens through a difficult time. I could integrate my knowledge from coaching, teaching, and child development to better connect and serve my patients. Feelings are complex, and one should never feel alone. I am also bilingual and currently learning a third language.

Natania Q.

from Miami, FL

studying Medical

at miami-dade college

create influential animations for the world to see
All my life I've wanted to make something that mattered. Something thought-provoking that drives the world forward. I never knew how i would do it, or if it would ever become more than just a dream, but I had to try. I realized my love for art and animation could be used as a perfect medium to reach all corners of the world.

Gabriel J.

from Baton Rouge, LA

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Savannah College of art and design

make sure children are in a loving home
Watching my Grandmother own a day home and care for children made me want a profession where I could do the same. So many children in the world are abused and neglected by their parents and I want to become a social worker to help put those children in a loving, caring home. Home is where the heart is and I want to make sure every child feel that.

Lamontenay J.

from Houston, TX

studying Humanities

at University of Houston - Downtown