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PAC-12 Championship Game Finalists
To become an optometrist who does missions work
In my career I would love to become an Optometrist who travels to parts of Africa and gives exams and glasses to those who cannot afford or don't have a medical facility available. Vision is not something that is thought about everyday in third world countries, but it's so important in allowing people to live their everyday lives out normally.

Kyle D.

from Beaverton, Oregon

studying Medical

at George Fox University

I want to work in medically underserved areas
There are too many communities that don't receive adequate medical care because of reasons including finances, social stigma, and language barriers. I seek to provide such communities with the resources, knowledge, and availability they deserve. I want to provide the best medical care to such communities no matter if they are in the US or abroad.

Victor H.

from Redmond, Washington

studying Medical

at Keck Medicine of USC

I want to help Build smarter cities
Climate change will negatively impact everyone's quality of life. To make this impact less severe, cities should start emulating Smart City Barcelona. They're creating an integration of city technology in order to improve efficiency of city services and to address sustainability and environmental concerns. I want to help make this possible!

Maricris B.

from Manila, Philippines

studying Technology

at University of California, Santa Cruz

Make children happy with prosthetic arms!
I believe in the power of a smile, because it has the ability to motivate, unite, and change a life. I notice how a smile reflects: acceptance and happiness. My smile connects me with others. As a bilingual person, smiling became a language that was inviting, loving, and most importantly, a language that can be understood universally.

Carolina G.

studying Engineering