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PAC-12 Championship Game Finalists
I want to save lives as a firefighter.
I am a Fire Protection Technician/Wildfire/Paramedic major, and hope to use the skills I learn from the programs to help save lives out west with the wildfires, as well as at home with residential fire and medical calls. All of the gear needed and schooling cost tens of thousands. Help me save lives. One day, I could be saving yours.

Trent W.

from Appleton, Wisconsin

studying Medical

at Fox Valley Technical College

Stop the Unstoppable - Climate Change
As you may know, we are living in a time where climate change is affecting our lives even more now than ever. I want to contribute in finding a solution to reduce our carbon footprint and slow down the process of global warming. We can't undo the past, but we can change our future for the better - for us. Remember, we have one home - planet Earth.

Rochelle T.

from Las Vegas, Nevada

studying Environmental Sciences

at College of Southern Nevada

to heal others, both mentally and physically
All my life, I have witnessed the pain of others. I have seen the effects of a bullet lodged in the brain, cancer, myasthenia gravis, drug addiction, and more. Each of these experiences have inspired me to become a doctor, healing the pain I believe there is far too much of in our world. I hope to relieve the pain of others and replace it with joy.

Samantha F.

from Benson, Arizona

studying Medical

i want to care for the special needs community.
Growing up with a brother who has a profound case of autism, I gained a unique compassion for the special needs community. I saw how difficult everyday life can be for them. As a Pre-Dental student I want to to open up a dental practice one day entirely to serve special needs children/families! Every person should know they are loved & cared for.

Sarah T.

from Jensen Beach, Florida

studying Arts and Sciences

at Belmont University