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Big Ten Championship Game Finalists
create Inclusion in American PoliTics
My passion is politics but only 19% of Americans trust the gov't. This is a problem. The gov't plays a major role in our daily lives. Americans want justice! We are all affected by each case of police brutality. People are scared to send their kids anywhere alone! This not a party issue its a people's issue! I plan to provide inclusion in the U.S.

Jarrius A.

from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

studying Public Affairs

at University of Mississippi ~ Ole Miss

I love telling stories and I strongly believe that representation of all groups is important to achieving a fair and just society. I want to work in Hollywood as a director and producer that aims to create diverse stories in the mainstream. Also, I want to increase diversity behind the camera and hire people from different backgrounds.

Tayo A.

from Stanford, California

studying Fine Arts / Design

at University of Southern California

Make an impact
I've been the shadow in the room watching nurses and doctors do everything in their power for my loved ones. Now I choose to be on the other side. I will be be the nurse my patients & their families remember. I will be compassionate & caring. I will give the best care & do everything I can to save lives. I will make an impact, one life at a time.

Lexie L.

from Elizabeth, Colorado

studying Medical

at University of Northern Colorado, UNC

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by mobility systems. My goal is to one day have a company that helps people move around more efficiently. I already have started on that goal with Project Maverick (, with the hope that one day, it, along with my other ideas, will make a difference in our world.

Alex T.

from Fresno, California