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Dr Pepper Big Ten Championship Game Finalists
I want to Combat and eliminate the opiod Crisis.
From 1997-2017, almost 400,000 people lost their lives from an overdose involving opioids. Through my legal education I desire to combat this epidemic by partnering with public safety officials, improving healthcare provider standards, and educating consumers on opioid misuse. This issue hits home as a West Virginia native and I desire change.

Tyler G.

from BeckleY, Wv

studying Law

at West virginia university

To protect those in mother nature‘s path
Ever since a tornado narrowly missed my childhood home, I knew meteorology was my purpose. I aspire to increase warning times and storm accuracy in order to prevent the loss of innocent lives to Mother Nature‘s fury. By becoming a meteorologist,I will be able to make my mark on the world one forecast at a time!

Marcus A.

from Belton, Tx

studying Environmental Sciences

at University of oklahoma

LIFE drives me. After traveling to Palestine a country who faces danger everyday due to a lack of conversation and understanding, I realized how much power words have. I want to live in a world where life is valued and violence is not the only way to gain power. I Know first hand the impacts of violence and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Joseph B.

from Chicago , Il

studying Political Sciences

at Morehouse college

I want to start an agriculture revolution.
Growing up in a small farming town you learn how important agriculture is not own your family but to the world. It is the only industry that is responsible to feed and clothe everyone on the planet. I want to create new farming techniques and practices that can be deployed all over the world to make sure nobody goes hungry or naked.

Patrick H.

from Tahoka, TX

studying Business

at Texas Tech University