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Dr Pepper Big Ten Championship Game Finalists
I want to eliminate global food insecurity
I first learned about the severity of global food insecurity as a World Food Prize Youth Delegate, which fueled my desire to find a solution. Through taking coursework toward a doctorate in biochemistry and leadership, I intend to leverage my scientific skills, servant leadership mentality, and farm background to collaboratively end world hunger.

Caleb L.

from Nashua, IA

studying Agricultural Studies

at Wartburg College

Become A humanitarian relief physician
Love and compassion are paramount in my life. I genuinely desire to promote sustainable lifestyle habits in our communities. When devastating events occur, resources are often insufficient in serving the vast amounts of people in need of urgent care. Similar to UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders initiative, I seek to make changes in the world.

Taylor M.

from ChicagO, IL

studying Medical

at SpelmaN

I have learned that in whatever I do, there is always a greater purpose. As I pursue a degree in Public Relations, a field heavily dependent on public image, I will not tone down my identity as a young Hispanic woman. I want women to know that in any field, success is not a trade-off for your femininity.

Jordan A.

from EL PASO, TX

studying Communications

at university of texas at el paso

Educate and bring awareness of dEaf culture
Growing up with a hearing impairment, I had many limited resources and was forced to adjust to “hearing” norms. I plan to advocate and educate people on deaf culture and the rich treasure that is American Sign Language.

Lesslie T.

from Wichita, KS

studying Arts and Sciences

at Gallaudet University