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Big 12 Championship Game Finalists
Impact the lives of those that are terminally ill
Growing up, I have lost many loved ones to terminal illnesses. This motivated me to enter the nursing field where I am now striving to become a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Palliative and Hospice. I am passionate about providing care, comfort, and peace that can make a difference for those vulnerable people who are at the end of their lives.

Jennifer S.

from Queen creek, az

studying Medical

at Chamberlain UNIVERSITY

Pave the way for my client’s success
I deliberately chose the field of social work so I can be an advocate working within my community. As a social worker, I hope to provide safe spaces for parent and their children. I want to create relationships within the school systems, especially with students in need, and provide them with the needed resources.

Divina V.

from Dallas, Tx

studying Other

at OuR lady of the lake univErsity

I will create fans of learning by teaching!
Someday soon I'll be a kindergarten teacher, where I'll help kids to love learning. This is what my teacher did for me, and I want to do the same for hundreds of kids, too. Whatever a child grows up to be -- doctor, artist, programmer, you name it -- it all starts in kindergarten. When they love learning, a whole world of opportunity opens up!

Karinna C.

from Foster City, CA

studying Education

at Santa Clara University

I want to help people defend themselves in court.
Good lawyers are in high demand, but most are extremely expensive. So when people can not afford the right attorney with the mission of acquiring the best outcome for their client. It gets rough. My goal is to be able to build a firm that provides exquisite law services to those who may not be able to hire their own lawyer, no matter the field .

Edward Q.

from la feria , Tx

studying Liberal Studies

at La Feria High school