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Big 12 Championship Game Finalists
I want to break the generational curse of poverty
My experiences have made empowering minority, low-income families and individuals my objective, through mentorship and financial education. My degree in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) will equip me to share the past efforts of trailblazing minorities with those I support so that they too are motivated to break the economic stigma.

Jazlyn R.

from Denver, CO

studying Other

at Texas CHristian University

I want to Make life saving medication affordable
Back in 2015 my brother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a disease that attacks the nervous system and can leave people paralyzed and affect vital life functions. My brother has been on medications and his current medication that essentially saves his life costs 104,000 dollars a year. Medication to save lives should not be this expensive.

Teagan Q.

from Longmont, CO

studying Business

at University of Colorado boulder

to share my exploration of the world through music
My ambitions of becoming a professional musician began when I was given the opportunity to learn from astounding musicians around Texas. Despite my financial background, I have decided to pursue a degree from my dream college. My goal is to inspire and lead a new generation of students to reach their highest potential, as so many have done for me.

Cesar M.

from houston, tx

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Berklee College of music

As a woman of color, being in the political realm is extremely challenging. We are under-represented, and I hope to change that narrative by becoming a Political Commentator. My hope is to educate women on the importance of knowing policies, laws, and exercising their right to vote, ultimately inspiring them to seek careers in politics.

Ciara W.

from Las Vegas, NV

studying Communications

at Hampton University