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Big 12 Championship Game Finalists
Change the world 1 pill at a time
At 7, I was diagnosed with CF and was told I wouldn’t live past 18. The life expectancy is now in the 40’s due to medical advancements, and has inspired me to go into the research field where I can help improve other's lives through the creation of medicine and hopefully find cures. I am currently on my way to becoming a pharmaceutical scientist.

Rachel B.

from Holland, Ohio

studying Medical

at The University of Toledo

Educate future generations for success
My goal as a future teacher is to encourage students to keep learning; education is a valued and necessary process that we all deserve to experience. The expressions that come across a child's face when they comprehend a new concept leaves me with feelings of complete satisfaction and joy has driven me to help others in their educational pursuits.

John A.

from McHenry, Illinois

studying Education

at Illinois State University

I want to inspire youth to change the world.
Through my nonprofit, Warm Winters, I've trained youth all across the U.S, Australia, and Canada to take action to help the homeless in their communities. With help to finance my education, I will gain the skills I need to change the lives of homeless on a global scale, and give leadership training and skills to thousands of teens across the world

Corinne H.

studying Business

at Portland State University-Honors

Help children who are victims of war and genocide
Children are often related to the word innocent. They are often dragged into war and often they are prematurely exposed to the adult world. A child should be able to focus on school & enjoying growing up, not if their home will be blown up today. I want to become a Pediatric Surgeon because I feel this is the best way I can help save their future.

Milan L.

studying Medical