Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game Finalists
I want to connect people together through media
As an avid user of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, I have always been influenced by the power of social media and how it connects people with one another. With my degree in Computer Science, I plan to create an app that will help college students connect with peers, organize their studies, and make time to get involved with organizations. #SicEm

Bryce M.

from Plains, TX

studying Engineering

at South Plains College

I want to doctor underprivileged communities.
My journey has been very challenging. Living in different places, and sometimes going days without eating, I have endured much hardship to get where I am. In spite of this, I have always made it a mission to achieve any goal I set for myself. Because of my perseverance, using medicine, I can empathize to the underserved community to which I belong.

Janice S.

from Detroit, mi

studying Medical

at Michigan state university

to be an advocate for students with special needs
After seeing the impact that intervention specialists had on my cousin who suffers from severe epilepsy, I recognized the difference It made on him and his family. I would like to make that same powerful impact on other students and their families. Being an intervention specialist gives me the opportunity to change the world one child at a time.

essence B.

from Alliance , Oh

studying Education

at University of mount union

to free the oppressed as a green beret.
I immigrated to the US from Sri Lanka, a country rife with sociopolitical injustice. With no family to support me, I'm putting myself through college and ROTC. One day, as a Special Forces Officer, I want to be deployed to nations where the people are oppressed. Although I'm fortunate to have escaped my oppression, I want to free those who haven't.

Kusalwin K.

from Lawrence, KS

studying Engineering

at University of kansas