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PAC-12 Championship Game Finalists
I want to be a CARDIOTHORACIC SUrgeon.
My desire to help others stems from my own trials and tribulations of having two open heart surgeries. If it wasn’t for the doctors who have helped me through everything I without a doubt wouldn’t be here today. I want to be like them. I want to wake up everyday knowing I have the ability to change someone life for the better. I want to save people

Destiny A.

from SPring, TX

studying Medical

at Texas woman’s Univer

i want to uplift the world through filmmaking
As a Motion Pictures major, it is my dream to create visual content that brings hope and light into our dark world. I want to make films that inspire others to unleash their creativity and celebrate their uniqueness. I believe cinema is a universal language. I intend to use that language to speak love and acceptance into the hearts of the world.

Kinlie W.

from Bixby, OK

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Belmont University

I want to use tech as a medium for social change.
I like to call myself a hacktivist. That’s not to say I spend my nights illustrating cyber attacks with Anonymous, but that my passion lies at the crossroads of innovation through emerging technologies and building solutions to the issues marginalised communities face. I manifest my hacktivism on three fronts: by teaching, creating, and advocating.

Sofia O.


studying Technology

at Fordham University

change the world one classroom at a time
I want to teach our future Doctors, Engineers, and Presidents kindness while teaching them how to add and subtract. I want to create a classroom that every student that walks out of thinks,"Wow! The world is in the palm of my hand." I want to go to low-income schools and pour into kids who don’t think they have a future beyond their background.

Ana R.

from Pasadena, TX

studying Education

at San jacinto community college