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To obtain My Rn
I want to become a OB RN and then become a travel RN to help others around the world.

Cydney C.

from Parker, Pennsylvania

studying Medical

at Clarion County Career Center

I want to Build a community for everyone
With being adopted, beating cancer, going through grief, at a young age, I know what it feels like being disconnected and having a label. Since many children experince some sort of disconnection, I have a passion to build a community for everyone by educating people, and providing resources, which will reduce bullying and unify schools.

Hannah G.

from Broomfield, Colorado

studying Business

at Regis University

become a Registered Nurse and work in the NICU
I love children! I am the oldest of 5 kids. I worked at the YMCA watching children for 3 years. Children make my world worth living and want to take everything in my power to help heal and treat children.

Kristina H.

from Birmingham, Alabama

studying Medical

at Marbury High School

to eliminate pollution for a healthier environment
In my junior year I joined the YES! (Youth Energy Summit) team and by joining that club it helped me realized how much our world is negatively impacted by the affect of pollution. It made me want to help in all the ways I can to eliminate pollution and make our world a happier, healthier place to live.

Jenna S.

from Cloquet, Minnesota

studying Marketing

at Carlton High School

Organize big events and make people happy!
Since childhood, I've always been fascinated with weddings, huge parties and concerts, and the ways designers and event planners organize them, and thought that it's so cool to do so much work and bring one's ideas to life! I want to be an event planner, because with ideas and enthusiasm I have- people will be happy!

Anzhelika N.

from Novosibirsk, Russia

studying Business

at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High Biscayne Bay Campus

Lower maternal mortality rate.
A couple of years back more than 80 family clinics that provides health services for pregnant women were closed down because the government cut two thirds of their funding. This caused the maternity mortality rate to increase very drastically, I would like to help decrease this so more women and babies will live.

Yessenia M.

from Tampico

at Everman High School

First In Family to go to College
I live in a Hispanic household, with two older siblings. My parents have worked hard their entire life for me to have what I need. In return, I studied rigorously in school to pursue a better life. College is approaching, but I will not let cost to stand in my way of earning my degree.

Eve P.

from Houston, Texas

studying Architecture

at Liberty High School, TX

I want to receive my bachelors in criminal justice.
I want to have a better life for myself, and not have to struggle.

Shayna L.

from Elizabeth, West Virginia

studying Law

at West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Dr. Pepper is a soda.
Dr. Pepper is not a real Doctor.

Ajani T.

from Washington, District of Columbia

studying Communications

at Howard University

Restore atmospheric carbon levels back to normal.
Coming from a small town in rural Alaska, the outdoors has been the epicenter of my livelihood. Thus, I have found my calling in Environmental Science and aspire to work with renewable energy in order to restore the atmospheric carbon levels back to the natural levels it fluctuated at for centuries before the industrial revolution.

Andreas C.

from Kodiak, Alaska

studying Environmental Sciences

at Northern Arizona University

To help others in the world who need it
All my life I have always been considered a “mother” among all of my friends as I tend to take care towards everyone. As I have grown up, it has been a priveledge to be able to go to the doctor whenever needed and they all have grown to be my role models. As I continue in college, I wish to become a nurse and continue to bring life into this world.

Kimberly G.

studying Medical

I want to help encourage unity.
I see, far too often, people dividing themselves of race, culture, and politics. In order have a strong future for our nation, we need to be unified. We are stronger as one, and we can't tear each other down because were not the same on the outside or in the mind. We are all humans, and we have to grow together.

Chris B.

from Hazleton, Pennsylvania

studying Education

at Luzerne County Community College