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Invest in ideas that create a sustainable world
I am guilty about the waste my actions produce. Societies that allow you and me to have high standards of living are also making Earth uninhabitable. We're starting to reduce waste, but most sustainability efforts are still ineffective or unprofitable. That's why I want to find and invest in initiatives that change how think, consume and produce.

Aditya B.

from Palm Bay

studying Political Sciences

at University of florida

Help those with mental health illnesses
I want to help people be the best version of themself and never feel like they are unworthy of life. I have seen what a mental health illness can do to a person and how much it can effect a life. That is why becoming a clinical psychologist is my goal. I dream of providing these people the help they need, especially those who are underprivileged.

Ivet C.

from Goldsboro

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of noRth carolina wilmington

I want to break the generational curse of poverty
My experiences have made empowering minority, low-income families and individuals my objective, through mentorship and financial education. My degree in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) will equip me to share the past efforts of trailblazing minorities with those I support so that they too are motivated to break the economic stigma.

Jazlyn R.

from Denver

studying Other

at Texas CHristian University

help young people create and play music together
I have always been passionate about music and have been playing the piano since I was 5 years old. My other passion is technology, and I want to learn how to create music software. I want to create a platform that will make it easier for young people to collaborate online, create music together, and help find performance opportunities, .

John Y.

from saint louis

studying Technology

at Oakville high school

I want to create innovation for social impact
As I am learning to conceptualize limitless ideas, my desire to create innovations only grows. I want to be a voice and mind that encourages and generates unconventional ways to approach affordable housing, sustainable clothing, and marine and air pollution. I'm excited to see the impact I can make in my community and, hopefully, the world!

Victoria S.


studying Other

at University of Texas at austin

I want to revolutionize concussion treatment
My life was forever changed by the symptoms that resulted from my three concussions. After each concussion, I had to place my life on pause, allowing my brain to rest and heal. I want to become a functional neurologist so that I can root out the origin of the symptoms and provides exercises to help heal the specific parts of the brain.

Abby W.

from wake forest

studying Other

at University of south carolin

To change the way we Think & act with TECHNOLOGY
I have an idea that I feel will change the world, which is how social media and technology influences our cognition and interactive skills amongst each other. I find it amazing a child can proficiently use YouTube and Netflix better than someone adults. What will that next generation look like in 10 years with the expansion of media and technology?

Samuel C.

from San Antonio

studying Education

at Northwest vista college

I want to shape the future through education
My dream is to be an educator who encourages his students to be true to themselves. I want them to believe in themselves as well as feel supported no mater what background they come from. I believe that everyone deserves the same chances at success and that all starts in a classroom. I'd love the opportunity to help inspire the next generation!

Wes K.

from Bellevue

studying Education

at University of Washington

As I wake up for class, I am driven to do my best by knowing that there are people out there who need the opportunity to feel and live again. To be able to help give someone the chance to feel healthy means a second chance at life. Healthcare is something we may not think about in our everyday lives but those in developing countries struggle for it

Olivia D.

from West Bloomfield

studying Medical

at Michigan state university

to create media thAt educateS On global warming.
Global warming is the critical issue I’m most passionate about. It’s the greatest threat to human existence, and nothing will change unless rapid action is taken. Sadly, some people don’t believe that it is a serious problem. That is why I hope to work creating media that will change people’s perspective. If we cooperate, it will lead to change.

Isabella P.

from Weston

studying Communications

at Boston college

To be an influential voice for the silenced
I want to influence society through effective marketing, representing the voiceless. I aim to use my creative abilities, promoting my desire to change social issues that target and harm specific groups. Being both black and a woman, I have grown up with two minority strikes against me, sparking a fire that fuels my ambition to change the world.

Diaira J.

from Dallas

studying Marketing

at university of north texas

To protect tomorrow’s Youth from Online Predators
The volume of child sexual abuse material has been rising exponentially over a decade, as the trusting nature of children online and the virtual anonymity of child predators collides to ever-larger degrees. I plan to utilize the expertise I will develop in Computer Science to help the victims and combat this tragedy. This is the modern Wild West.

Michael C.

from Sylmar

studying Technology

at Granada Hills Charter High School