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Change the unhealthy way society views food.
In America eating should be an enjoyable daily activity, however eating can cause many people anxiety and stress. Food is marketed in a way that confuses consumers, food labels are complicated and the media constantly talks about food recalls and foods that cause.. I want to clear up the confusion and make eating healthy and fun again.

Marie J.

from Middltown

studying Graduate Studies

at Cox College

To give equal opportunitIes to the youth
I have always been one to help others before myself. It gives me joy and pride to know I helped someone achieve their dreams. I want to make recreational centers for kids who have big dreams but come up in communities where they don’t have the resources to do so. The centers will give the kids a place to relax and stay distraction free.

Damon G.

from Yuba CIty

studying Medical

at Baylor University

I want to improve refugee and migrant healthcare
As a medical researcher, I hope to apply my discoveries to improving healthcare systems. Migrant healthcare, especially along the US-Mexico border, needs to be more inclusive and provide a wider range of services for children, adults, and especially pregnant mothers. I hope to lead efforts to bring better healthcare to those seeking a better life.

Alexandra N.

from Wooster

studying Medical

at University of Kentucky

prevent common diseases in third world countries
As a previous Witness For Peace Delegate I was able to travel and see the affects that common diseases had on small communities where proper healthcare was hard to come by. By inventing medical devices that stop common diseases, such as AIDS and malaria, I can help be the change they need and improve countries life conditions as much as possible.

Avery S.

from Raleigh

studying Medical

at East Carolina University

to teach kids that they can change the world
So many kids face self-image issues, and do not hold any worth to their own lives. They do not understand how special they are. My goal is to help children realize that they are important. I want to write and illustrate children's books that teach them they are needed. Through my books, I want them to realize they can change the world.

Kayla O.

from Shongaloo

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Louisiana Tech University

I want to create a com-tech school for the youth
I have always felt a connection that I possessed when it came to computers. At the age of 13 when I created my first computer program, I felt a huge sense of achievement that not even words could describe. Now that I am older, I hope to one-day master computer sciences so that I could teach the youth the importance of information technology.

Patrick W.

from Katy

studying Technology

at Seven lakes highschool

I want to protect my community from crime
I want to become a police officer because I love my state here in South Dakota and want to make a difference and want to be able to give my life in service because of all I'v been given and would like to go to school to get the best tools to be able to do that and feel that my time is best served in this field as it is many times under appreciated.

Samuel M.

from Sioux falls

studying Other

at Western Iowa technical community college

As a future Occupational Therapist, I hope to help individuals feel more confident and improve their quality of life by being as independent as possible in performing everyday tasks. I want to inspire them to be an active participant in their own recovery from any physical, emotional or social issues they may be facing.

Dara A.


studying Other


to share my exploration of the world through music
My ambitions of becoming a professional musician began when I was given the opportunity to learn from astounding musicians around Texas. Despite my financial background, I have decided to pursue a degree from my dream college. My goal is to inspire and lead a new generation of students to reach their highest potential, as so many have done for me.

Cesar M.

from houston

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Berklee College of music

I want to be an Airline Pilot for delta
When I took my first plane ride, I knew this is what I wanted to do forever. The feeling of being in the air and the view of the cities captivated and inspired me to get my Private Pilot License. Now, I am dedicated to continue my lifelong passion of being a commercial pilot for Delta and inspiring others to follow their dreams in the process.

Lauren D.

from Brighton

studying Technology

at Eastern Michigan University--studying flight technology

be on the front line of care for critical patients
Growing up in a city affected by numerous floods and hurricanes, I know first-hand how critical care saves lives. I became an EMT to be at the forefront of care during all types of emergencies. I want to continue my education to become an Emergency Room Physician and serve in cities affected by natural disasters and in charitable hospitals.

Andrea G.

from Baton rouge

studying Medical

at Baylor University

I want to provide care for those who need it most.
I grew up in a home where my dad was always sick. He was diagnosed with diabetes when I was seven, had two hip surgeries by my freshman year of high school, and was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I quickly became passionate about taking care of those around me and aspire to be a surgical nurse in order to continue following my passion.

Julia O.

from Roanoke

studying Medical

at Texas Tech University