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Erase the stigma behind mental illness
I have struggled with mental illness myself and have always wrongfully felt ashamed to admit it. I want to help children that are affected with this negative stigma feel like there is nothing wrong with them and that psychiatrist appointments are just as important as physician appointments. Mental illness is real, and you are not wrong to admit it.

Sophia C.

from Brookfield, Wisconsin

studying Medical

at University of Wisconsin-Madison

To Work at St.Judes Children's Hospital
I am studying nursing to hopefully become a nurse at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It would mean a lot to me if I could help these children and their families through upsetting times, but also help to treat them to heal.

Chloe J.

from Proctor, Vermont

studying Medical

I want to give back to my community
I grew up on the less fortunate side of Kansas City and I understand how people here don't have all that they need for healthcare. I will become a dentist and give back to those in my community because everyone deserves an equal opportunity for living a healthy life. Also, I want to make my family proud.

Joeys M.

from Kansas City, Missouri

studying Medical


give back to my community
I grew up with a single mom. The people in my town and family friends all truly helped raise me. I want to make it so my family and town can get a return on their investment in me to succeed.

Tim R.

from Seaford, Delaware

studying Agricultural Studies

at University of Delaware

My gOal is to become a marine biologist.
I want to major in Marine Sciences. I have wanted to become a marine biologist since i was a little kid. I want to go to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. I want to accomplish my goals so bad but as of right now i have no way i will be able to get into Eckerd, as it costs are to high.

Sydney K.

from Livonia, Michigan

at Redford High School

Protect Endangered Wildlife
I am studying Animal Science, hoping to attend Vet School, so that I can improve and limit human effects on the environment. The main reasons certain species are going extinct is because they are losing their habitat or as a result of poaching. I am hoping that through capture and release medical methods, I can limit our damaging effect on animals.

Julia E.

studying Veterinary Health

at Virginia Tech

I want to teach kids the POWER to create music
What drives me to achieve my goal is the amount of people in my life that have walked away from music and I want to have kids that won't walk away despite the difficulties in life, they can use it to inspire and to create hope for themselves and others around them.

Leah J.

from Salem, Oregon

studying Education

at Chemeketa Community College

I want to BecOme a nurse tO help people get better
I have always loved helping people. I knew when I was in middle school I wanted to become a nurse because they help people every single day. Becoming a nurse will make me able to actually help.

Christine H.

from Eustace, Texas

at Trinity Valley Community College

to appreciate myself
In the last couple years I've experienced things that I never thought I could overcome. From fighting and struggling everyday to make a great life for myself, I never thought I could ever be happy with myself. This is the one goal that I have always set for myself. I hope this is an opportunity that will assist me in achieving this.

Allyson V.

from Orange City, Florida

studying Personal Development

at Daytona State College

My goal is to help and impact the life of people.
I've always wanted to be able to help people in any way that I could, whether it be by making them smile when they are down or making a major impact on their life. My biggest goal in my life is to help others and then have the people that I have helped continue it so that it becomes an ongoing cycle.

Kara D.

from Middlebourne, West Virginia

studying Medical

at Pierpont Community & Technical College

i want to protect our country
I am currently a psychology and criminology major with a minor in forensic science and learning to speak arabic. I want to protect our country from outside and inside terrorists and continue to show the next generations why we are and will continue to be the greatest country on this planet. My dream is become a professional profiler.

Madeline M.

from Commerce, Michigan

studying Arts and Sciences

at West Virginia University

To Change the WORLD
Since 2006 I've always been fascinated by technology and I've always had a drive for changing the way people think about things. I'm pretty insightful and very outspoken on certain topics especially if it relates to severe weather or technology. I want to attend a school where I can become a Meteorologist and can minor in computer science too.

Shamar D.

from Harleyville, South Carolina

at SC State University