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To own a non-profit that has christian values
My faith in Christ and what he did on the cross drives me to seek and listen for my calling to what he wants me to do. Mixing businesses with my faith is my ideal dream job as businesses with the motivation of something other than profit peak my interest.

Will R.

from argyle

studying Business

at Baylor University

To help childen be conifDent in themselves
I want every child to never feel like they aren’t smart, or left out because of what others say. I want every student to understand different strengths and weaknesses and I want them to learn to build off of each other, rather than tearing them down. I want every child to feel special and needed, and most importantly, happy.

Emily S.

from Crown Point

studying Education

at Indiana State UniVersity

Change the early EdUcation System
Going to school shouldn’t be about how you well you do on the standardize tests. Learning should be about what you learn in that class. What I want to do it try and change the way that school systems are tearching and try to make it more interactive for the student. Also they should have fun when they are learning.

Sydney V.

from Chagrin Falls

studying Education

at Undecided

impact, and advocate for, children's lives
I want to be a "safe place" for children where they might not have it elsewhere. My goal is to become an early childhood educator and help shape young children's lives. It is very important to me to advocate for children because they need someone to advocate for them. They are the future of this world, and I want to provide care and nurturing.

Brittany L.

from asheville

studying Education

at Western carolina university

I want to connect people together through media
As an avid user of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, I have always been influenced by the power of social media and how it connects people with one another. With my degree in Computer Science, I plan to create an app that will help college students connect with peers, organize their studies, and make time to get involved with organizations. #SicEm

Bryce M.

from Plains

studying Engineering

at South Plains College

i want to make a difference in someones life
One day I'm going to be a Dentist. There are billions of people who lack medical attention because of their environment. People in Africa for example. I want to do mission trips around the world to volunteer my services. I truly believe that when you reach your goal, you should reach back and help the person behind you reach that mountain top too.

tracey K.


studying Medical

at Lake-sumter state college

I want to Help create a home
As a student in interior design, I have learned that the design of a space affects functionality along with moods and behavior. Creating trendy spaces that people feel comfortable and safe in is my passion. I hope to be able to teach people that a good person starts with a good home.

Kennedy B.

from Petoskey

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Central michigan university

I want to Improve this nations workforce
The nations depletion of skilled workers and my way to step up and take their positions as they retire and make a better and stronger nation

Brandon C.

from Milford

studying Other

at Northhampton community college

I want to help people defend themselves in court.
Good lawyers are in high demand, but most are extremely expensive. So when people can not afford the right attorney with the mission of acquiring the best outcome for their client. It gets rough. My goal is to be able to build a firm that provides exquisite law services to those who may not be able to hire their own lawyer, no matter the field .

Edward Q.

from la feria

studying Liberal Studies

at La Feria High school

My goal is to make the world a safer place
My dad has always been my best friend, encouraging me to strive to make a difference. This is the most important reason why I want to make the world somewhere we are proud to live. I want to help create a more humane criminal justice system and help rehabilitate rather than only incarcerate. I want to see a world where everyone’s lives are valued.

Amelia K.

from Savage

studying Other

at UniVersity of northwestern - St. PaUl

help And encourage as many people as possible.
When I was a little girl my Granny was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for people with cancer. I want to become a medical assistant so I can work in a cancer facility and help the patient fight their fight! I want to encourage and lift up the ones in need. I want them to know they are warriors!

Brittney K.

from Dixie county

studying Medical

at Meridian college

I want to lead disaster response and relief.
I love disasters! I know it sounds crazy, but do you know how awesome it is to go to an effected area and provide relief? I love serving my community. I want to achieve my goal of restoring hope in others during their most darkest days. I want to be able to provide a light at the end of the tunnel to those who have have had their hope diminished.

Conner B.

from Lees Summit

studying Other

at University of Missouri- Kansas City