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Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game Finalists
Run an "Engineers Without Borders" Company
I have always admired the "Doctors Without Borders" organization and what it stood for. However, I am fascinated by and passionate about the field of engineering. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to combine these two interests and turn it into a career. I hope to start and manage a company that brings technology to underdeveloped countries.

Christopher C.

from Waco, Texas

studying Engineering

at Texas A&M University

leave a legacy thaT'll Redefine stereotypes!
I want my future children to achieve their dreams, despite their circumstance. I want to get my dad out of the apartments and into a permanent home. I want to create opportunities for my family and others, too. I want to prove that circumstances don't determine your future. I want to redefine stereotypes of those who don't have as much as others.

Isaiah M.

from Houston, Texas

studying Liberal Studies

at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy

To provide aN ARTS education to all students
When I was in high school, our arts education budget was cut by almost half. Due to this, I started a non profit (heARTS Inc) to ensure all students receive an arts education, benefiting over 10,000 thus far. My upbringing in the arts has allowed me to pursue performing as a career, but also to grow socially, academically, and professionally.

Virginia N.

from Lexington, Kentucky

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Oklahoma City University

to prove to everyone what i can Do
My goal is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician and an Animal Cruelty Investigator. Later down the road I do plan on transferring to CalPoly Pomona to receive my MBA and open and Non-kill animal shelter. I feel as if people doubt me or my dreams and don't think I can do it; which is why I want to try even harder to accomplish them.

Vanessa S.

from Colton, California

studying Veterinary Health

at Mt. SAC