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I have always had support in my educational career from various resources available at my school. However, when I grew older, I realized that was not the case for others. I believe educational success in America is based on one's socioeconomic status. Therefore, I want to provide more educational opportunities to less fortunate communities.

Kristina X.

from Sheboygan

studying Business

at California polytechnic state university

Become A humanitarian relief physician
Love and compassion are paramount in my life. I genuinely desire to promote sustainable lifestyle habits in our communities. When devastating events occur, resources are often insufficient in serving the vast amounts of people in need of urgent care. Similar to UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders initiative, I seek to make changes in the world.

Taylor M.

from ChicagO

studying Medical

at SpelmaN

Build careers in the creative industry.
Art has gotten me through more than I could imagine. Ever since I have decided to make it into a career, I have seen more lack of belief for careers in the industry than any other industry. I want to be the person to change that belief system, by creating places around the world that trains creator to have profitable income in all fields of art.

Moye L.

from Atlanta

studying Business

at Full Sail University

save lives of people who cannot help themselves.
Coming from young parents who did not have the chance to follow their dreams pushes me to become what they always hoped for. Having the ability and support from my family to follow my dreams no matter what it takes, is what has been my motivation all my life. I want to fulfill my dreams and do what my parents never had the chance to do.

liliana M.

from crowley

studying Medical

at Crowley High school

I plan to help those who cannot help themselves.
In America alone, there are millions of people that are sick without healthcare. Many of these people are children. They do not know what healthcare is, they just know that they are sick and that they need help. That is why I plan to one day go to medical school to become a neonatal physician and help parents who can’t afford it acroos the world.

Myiera S.

from Atlanta

studying Other

at University of florida

I want to become a pediatric oncologist SURGEON.
With my extensive medical history starting at the young age of six, as soon as I got diagnosed with cancer I knew for a fact that I wanted to dedicate my passion and determination to helping children that are detrimentally impacted with cancer of all sorts. The detrimental effects emotionally and physically are what I want to improve for children.


from Orlando

studying Medical

at University of California, Los Angeles

inspire people to give 110% with whatever they do.
I want my future students to realize how precious learning is. I was sick my entire childhood and spent years fighting for a diagnosis. I'm a prime example of how life can be so incredibly dark sometimes until you find a light; always give 110% to finding that light. I want to give kids opportunities to really enjoy and appreciate their education.

Josy R.

from glasford

studying Education

at Bradley university

I will CLAIM MY ERA OF HUMANITY'S tech growth.
As of now, Elon Musk runs the innovative world. I aspire to meet if not exceed his substantial influence on history. I am a man of my word and have promised countless people along my journey that I will, and still wholly intend to, change the world. My mom's fight with cancer fuels me. Countless friends' fights with depression fuel me. I fuel me.

Fisher-Aaron S.

from Glendora

studying Engineering

at Citrus college

I want to help change lives by curing them.
At 15 years old my 15 year cousin passed away from a stage-four brain tumor. We were 2-weeks apart. Two years later, my family performed CPR on my grandfather when he caught a blood clot, but sadly, we lost him. I was 17 years old. It was then that I told myself I would become a Doctor to live to be the change I wanted to see.

Elaanie J.

from Bridgeport

studying Medical

at Hofstra University

I want to Better my community in healthcare.
I never had my parents growing up, just my great grandparents. At an early age I saw that my great grandparents needed help in their health. It was difficult for us to get healthcare. I wanted to provide for them, so I continued my education. I want to better educate my community in Healthcare with my soon the be Associates Degree in Nursing.

Carmen T.

from Fort Washakie

studying Other

at Cenral Wyoming College

My goal to find new discoveries in space.
What drives me to want to explore space is that it is infinite. There are literally unlimited opportunities to discover something that no one has seen before. Ever since I was a child looking up towards the stars, the unknown has always called out to me to find it. The unknown will forever spark my curiosity for the stars and strange anomalies.

Naomi R.

from Palo Alto

studying Other

at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

I want to doctor underprivileged communities.
My journey has been very challenging. Living in different places, and sometimes going days without eating, I have endured much hardship to get where I am. In spite of this, I have always made it a mission to achieve any goal I set for myself. Because of my perseverance, using medicine, I can empathize to the underserved community to which I belong.

Janice S.

from Detroit

studying Medical

at Michigan state university