Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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I want to give back to cancer centers.
On Mother’s Day my mom got stomach cancer. Finances went downhill. This has made it a challenge for me to finish school. I want to finish school in Business Administration, create a fashion brand for cancer, then donate my proceeds to cancer centers and charities. It’s important to support their research, so I should give back by getting involved.

Tori L.

from Goldsboro

studying Business

at University of North Carolina at greensboro

I plan to become a youth counselor
As a kid I struggled with attention deficit and a learning disability. Academics were hard for me. Many times I felt like giving up. I was also bullied everyday in middle school which also caused me a great deal of stress. Since I've had these struggles, I want to help other kids who have difficulties and let them know they can make it too.

Cameron J.

from Nashville

studying Other

at William peace University

I want to become a neonatal nurse.
Nursing has always been a passion of mine. I want to become a neonatal nurse and help all the sick newborns. From experience with my own daughter in the special care unit. I know that it’s heartbreaking to see your child under monitors and medical equipment. I want to be there to advocate for my patient and stand by their families side.

Elizabeth M.

from ChiCago

studying Medical

at Resurrection university

In a world where tragedy can strike at any moment, everyone needs a hero in their time of need. This is why my goal is to become a nurse. I want to be there to provide additional hope, compassion and care to the people who need it most. I strive on being the change in a patient's life, my community and the world.

Victoria R.

from liberal

studying Medical

at Saint Luke's college of health sciences

I will Empower my generation to end homelessness
Immersing myself in the struggles of many lives—including my friends—experiencing homelessness inspires me to be a leader and address this crisis. My goal is to galvanize and empower my generation to use our unique talents, passions, and occupations to create sustainable solutions to homelessness, while simultaneously giving hope to those in need.

Tyler Z.

from Sammamish

studying Business

at Gonzaga UNiversity

I want to diagnose diseases and inspire patients
I'm a college freshman and wish to become a medical laboratory scientist. I'm doing my prerequisites for the MLT program at the College of Southern Nevada. I have a passion for medicine, science, and caring for others. I want to save lives by being a leader in diagnosing diseases in patients, as well as inspiring them to keep moving forward.

Britney B.

from las vegas

studying Medical

at College of southern nevada

I have learned that in whatever I do, there is always a greater purpose. As I pursue a degree in Public Relations, a field heavily dependent on public image, I will not tone down my identity as a young Hispanic woman. I want women to know that in any field, success is not a trade-off for your femininity.

Jordan A.

from EL PASO

studying Communications

at university of texas at el paso

For those who are less fortunate, receiving quality medical care is often extremely difficult. I am currently a freshman at CSUF, and I am studying biochemistry in the hopes of attending medical school. I would like to become a doctor for underprivileged areas, providing for those who would otherwise have little to no options.

Naman S.

from placentia

studying Medical

at California state university, fullerton

I want to make social justice films
My goal as a filmmaker is to do my part in revealing social justice themes in a thoughtful way, so that people from any country can be exposed to other ways of viewing the world, and to offer different perspectives that might open a viewer’s mind. Dr. Pepper can help me obtain a degree that will help my films impact a larger audience.

Jesse P.

from Kansas City

studying Fine Arts / Design


i want to build schools for unfortunate kids
What inspired me to choose business as my major is due to me always being curious on how is it that a company becomes so successful. My ultimate goal is to be able to manage a company by hiring the correct people for specific positions. Eventually with my income I want to give back to the community and build schools.

Bessy T.

from mckinney

studying Business

at collin county community college

The day I met my newborn nephew I learned that he had left heart syndrome and I saw that the only thing protecting his heart was a paper patch. Once I realized that 5 years ago this illness would have been terminal, a fire was lit inside me. This event confirmed my desire to be a nurse practitioner and develop cures for infants with illnesses.

Kylei V.

from Killeen

studying Medical

at Ellison High School

To provide medical care to those in need
As a medical student, my goal is to provide heath maintenance education and free screenings to people in my community who do not have access otherwise. I believe that I can help reverse the many preventable illnesses that are prevalent in our society. Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy lifestyle and I want to help make that happen!

aliza K.

from Manhasset Hills

studying Medical

at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine