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I dream of drafting international legislation.
Studying international affairs has shown me the importance of international law in the creation of a global community. Once we all identify common goals and standards, a harmonious world will be achievable. To attain this, I will attend law school for international law, eventually contributing to the body of scholarship surrounding the topic.

Kellsie D.

from valdosta

studying Political Sciences

at University of georgia

Save the modern world with my mechanical designs
Everything I design and build should always have a purpose and be beneficial to people. One of my biggest dreams is to design devices that would help others during natural disasters and aid in natural disaster relief. There’s no way to prevent these disasters, but using effective devices to protect and save people could make a huge difference.

Matthew S.

from Fayetteville

studying Engineering

at WhitewateR High School

Pave the way for my client’s success
I deliberately chose the field of social work so I can be an advocate working within my community. As a social worker, I hope to provide safe spaces for parent and their children. I want to create relationships within the school systems, especially with students in need, and provide them with the needed resources.

Divina V.

from Dallas

studying Other

at OuR lady of the lake univErsity

I want to take education beyond its borders.
I would like to travel across seas to a lesser developed country and teach to children who do not have the opportunity of learning any other way. I want to show them what it feels like to have an education and the possibilities that come with it. Teaching is more than just sitting in a classroom all day, I want to inspire the future generation.

Amaya M.

from waco

studying Education

at Texas state university

I want to iNspire chiLDren through my teaching
I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was young. While I was in high school, I developed a passion for the Spanish language and culture. Now, I would like to become a Spanish teacher so that I can share that passion with my students. I also hope that through my teaching I can inspire my students so that they develop a love for learning.

Madison H.

from Shelby

studying Education

at Gardner webb university

to help bring new life into the world.
Once I experienced watching my sister give birth and saw how the nurses were with her every step of the way, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I plan to become a labor and delivery nurse and help moms bring their new bundle of joy into the world as safe and comfortable as possible. I want to be a part of that incredible milestone for people.

Tracee F.

from Pacoima

studying Medical

at College of the canyons community college

Educate and bring awareness of dEaf culture
Growing up with a hearing impairment, I had many limited resources and was forced to adjust to “hearing” norms. I plan to advocate and educate people on deaf culture and the rich treasure that is American Sign Language.

Lesslie T.

from Wichita

studying Arts and Sciences

at Gallaudet University

I want to help people accept themselves
I am a transgender student who has had quite a bit of trouble with accepting who I am as a person. I don't want others to feel like that. Everyone deserves to be happy with themselves and to feel great, and I want to help with that. I am going to school for chemistry, and I one day want to develop a more permanent form of hormone therapy.

Ciaran C.

from Ravenna

studying Arts and Sciences

at Washington & jefferson College

i want to help heal those who are hurting
Seeing the people in my community struggle to live their lives the way they desire to has inspired me to pursue an education in Physical Therapy that can help me aide the people around me in healing. This scholarship will not only change my life by enabling me to pursue the education of my dreams, but it will also help heal those in my community.

Isabelle N.

from roanoke

studying Medical

at University of saint franis

I want to remodel and enhance u.s. foreign policy
I have witnessed individuals living in severe destitution. I feel called to assist the world’s impoverished people through political and financial actions. I want to have an immersed understanding of people’s history, struggles, and motivations from all over the world, and then work to develop solutions to hardships that certain communities face.

Kaitlin S.

from New Castle

studying Humanities

at The indiana academy for science, mathematics and humanities

I will create fans of learning by teaching!
Someday soon I'll be a kindergarten teacher, where I'll help kids to love learning. This is what my teacher did for me, and I want to do the same for hundreds of kids, too. Whatever a child grows up to be -- doctor, artist, programmer, you name it -- it all starts in kindergarten. When they love learning, a whole world of opportunity opens up!

Karinna C.

from Foster City

studying Education

at Santa Clara University

providing HEALTH CARE AS A general practitioner
Being originally from Kenya, where the health care system is corrupt, I'm drawn to help under-served communities as a general practitioner. I believe working with communities will be more beneficial than fighting a corrupt system. Having lost family members to misdiagnoses and lack of up to date medical technology drives me to achieve my goal.

Shani K.

from Clarksburg

studying Medical

at university of maryland