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encourage women to pursue their dream as a pilot
Through the use of my creative skills, I want to encourage women all over the world to pursue their dream as a pilot. Pushing aside the commercial pilot stereotype of a white, middle-aged male has really allowed me to imagine my dream career in a much different way. I want to encourage women to be able to do the same, and ultimately love their job!

Hannah P.

from mclean

studying Marketing

at Virginia tech

Bring AWARENESS to communication disorders
The skills that drives me to accomplish my goal, is my undeniable desire to help others. I believe with great knowledge, hard work, determination and faith I will be able to help low income children with communication disorders that anything is possible.

Halle W.

from Austin

studying Medical

at Texas State UNiversity - San Marcos

elevate the youth, Improve healthcare, Win Souls
As a "Doctor Without Borders" I wish to treat people across the world who do not have access to medical advantages compared to successful countries. This starts with educating the minds of the people, assuring them of the value and importance of their voices/lifestyles, and availing yourself to hear their stories based on poverty driven decisions.

Emmanuela B.

from Abington

studying Medical

at Pennsylvania State University

to help students like me graduate with less debt.
As a first generation college student, the cost of college is overwhelming. As tuition continues to rise, families like mine are finding it difficult to send their children to college. My goal is to obtain a degree in Finance and create a program that will allow more scholarship opportunities and enable students like me to graduate with less debt.

Joshua M.

from league city

studying Business

at University of texas

I want to bring families closer together
My mom and I have been in multiple counseling sessions with different social workers and counselors, and I want to give the gift they gave my mom and me to others. The social workers really helped us find the root of our problems and we found ways to resolve our issues. I want to be able to do that for other families.

Sikeesea G.


studying Other

at university of illinois at urbana-champaign

my goal is to engineer solutions to clean up earth
Caring for the environment has been my goal since the 2nd grade in Cub Scouts. By attaining a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, I believe I can develop solutions for waste issues, polluted waterways, carbon emissions, and deforestation to name a few. My passion for a healthy planet drives my goal to make a difference every day.

Dillon S.

from Wildwood

studying Engineering

at University of Missouri-Columbia

i want to be an engineer for the navy
I want to be an engineer for the Navy so that I can give back to the veterans that have fought tirelessly to protect us. I have spent the past three summers working underneath brilliant engineers and would love to continue doing similar work in the future. My goal is to work on fighter aircraft and extend their power and use in the Navy.

Jordan H.

from orlando

studying Engineering

at University of Central florida

let others know they are valued and have a purpose
In today's world, there's an overwhelming amount of brokenness and lack of genuine selflessness. I am motivated to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in order to speak truth and light into people's lives. Listening to others and helping them find healing is a step toward mending brokenness. Our world can be changed one person at at time.

Reese D.

from Bonham

studying Other

at Dallas baptist university

i want to care for our future generations.
I always seen kids as the innocent souls of this earth, and I feel they should not suffer through illness. I would love to be a pediatrician so kids know they are not alone through hard times. I would change peoples lives everyday in multiple ways by doing this. I always longed for comfort, and I want to do what I could never receive.

Quensi A.

from pasadena

studying Medical

at university of houston

Helping students who can't get help from parents
When I was a freshman, I couldn't afford things such as books and school supplies. I struggled to get through classes and I don't want anyone to have to experience what I experienced. I want to make a change by starting a foundation that helps teenagers of low income and single-parent homes. Starting in charleston counties, then nationwide.

Maysia M.

from Blythewood

studying Technology

at Charleston Southern University

rehabilitate and provide care to Animals in need.
I have worked with animals my whole life. Seeing some of them in a critical state makes me want to give them all the help I can. Some animals do not have someone who loves and cares for them, but with my degree, I will soon be able to provide care and love to animals of all sizes and breeds. I love helping owners and their pets.

Hallie M.

from Greenwood

studying Veterinary Health

at Purdue university

i want to open my own business
I have always wanted to work in the hospitality world and now I am working on making it a reality. I study Hotel-Restaurant Management at Texas Tech University and I plan on working for major hotel chains and saving money to open my own resort one day. My dream is to be on the cover of Forbe's Magazine and Entrepreneurship Magazine.

emalee O.

from richmond

studying Business

at texas tech univeristy