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I want to go to medical school
Long story short, I was in a severe car accident when I was young and had a slim chance of survival. Now, I am on the path to save some child’s life as they did mine. I want to change lives, make my family proud by being the first doctor in my family, and I want to fulfill my thirst for knowledge in the sciences and be able to educate others w/ it.

Nickolas Y.

from Tiffin

studying Arts and Sciences

at Heidelberg university

To make my families name reSpected and well knoWn.
My father and mother gave up there life for mine. They set me up for the future of my family. We struggled a lot but always pulled through. But now it’s my job to make sure my kids and my grand kids can be worry free.

Martin V.

from Irving

studying Business

at University Of north teXas at dallas

I want to encourage young people to be their best!
I would love to achieve getting my Bachelors in Psychology and eventually work with youth to encourage them in the difficult times that we have today. There has never been more of a need to encourage our youth and listen to what they have to say then now because of situations like school shootings and bullying.

Tiffany L.

from Humble

studying Arts and Sciences

at Dallas Baptist University

I want to create a sustainable future
As a kid, I loved when my family could take trips to see beautiful places like mountains, forests, and beaches. As I grew up, I learned all about our environment and the problems we currently face with protecting it. This made me want to pursue a career that would allow me to create a sustainable future where society and nature both thrive.

Paolo K.

from Bement

studying Environmental Sciences

at University Of Illinois

After enduring a near-death experience in the military, I like no other, learned the true meaning of perseverance. Since then, I have reformed my life around a theme which I feel profoundly towards- helping students figure out what they want to accomplish in their lives. I aim to take my reasoning from my degree in solving this prevailing concern.

Ariel P.

from New York City

studying Arts and Sciences

at Columbia university

I want to tell powerful stories as a game designer
As a gamer, I've seen the limitless potential they have as art and how they can reach levels of intimacy in storytelling that has never been witnessed in any other medium, but, it's overshadowed by those in the gaming industry looking for a quick buck. I'm hoping to change that by using gaming as a platform to spread my positivity around the world.

Derrick G.

from Joplin

studying Technology

at Crowder College

My goal is To work for child protectIve services.
In the 3rd grade i had a classmate that lived in a terrible household environment and watched her get sent to a different foster home frequently. As part of child protective services i want to make a change by helping children everywhere find a stable, comfortable and lovable home so that they won’t have to go through that kind of struggle.

Djeffnika S.

from BoCa Raton

studying Communications

at FAU

to help teens cope with mental issues & emotions
My dad died very unexpectedly during April of my senior year of high school. I changed my mind completely from wanting to work in a hospital to wanting to help kids and teens that have gone through hardship of any sort. The grief psychologist I began seeing essentially saved my life. I want to be able to do the same for those who need an advocate.

Bridget O.

from Arlington Heights

studying Arts and Sciences

at marquette University

I want to be a female swat medic!
I want to make a difference in the lives of people in the area where I grew up. My aspiration was to be a change in people's lives, the change that I wanted to see in the world. I became an EMT and I am currently becoming a paramedic. I will then complete a law enforcement degree with the goal of becoming a female police officer and SWAT Medic.

Therese M.

from Scandia

studying Medical

at Anoka Technical College

I want people to explore their creative side.
I'm shy, but I watch people show a side of themselves that no one sees. I see this in books and movies and I want to be able to give that inspiration to someone through the stories I write. We can be creative and express ourselves however. Having a creative outlet goes a long way and I feel that we all have potential, we all just don't know it yet.

Devin P.

from Albuquerque

studying Liberal Studies

at Gallaudet

I want to make living and traveling safer
Something that drives me to achieve my goals is all the hardships I encountered in my personal life and with my family, so I take all the negatives and turn them into motivation to push forward in life. My ultimate goal in life is to build and own a hotel in Morocco.

Jaalen J.

from Miami

studying Engineering

at FLORIDA International University

to be The best Teacher i can be!
What drives me to my goal is helping children and knowing I’m making a difference out here in the world. I love kids and during high school I always knew I wanted to work with kids. My dream is to see kids walk away with what I taught them and grow from it.

Jermani B.

from Waterford

studying Education

at Tuskegee university