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I want to help others get the help they need
Mental health is an important but overlooked aspect of our lives. It is very important for people to find help when they need it so that they can continue on with life while feeling the way they want to feel. I want to help them. I want to be the first step in that process, the bridge, between people and the mental health resources they need.

Sarah L.

from Florence, Mississippi

studying Communications

at William Carey University

Save animal lives
It is where I aspire to be in the long run that keeps me going. Life is a journey full of surprises, and nothing will go 100% as planned; but with my perseverance and dedication to what is at the end of the long run, anything is possible.

Brenda M.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of Illinois at Chicago

i want to be a leading medical researcher.
I am motivated by my grandfather, who battled cancer and at one point was given 4 months left to live, however he still alive today, 14 years later. I am also very motivated by the passing of my other grandfather who was diagnosed with ALS. I aim to lead research to find a cure and prevent others from having to suffer like my grandfathers.

Bradlee L.

from Virginia Beach, Virginia

studying Arts and Sciences

at Cox High School

To become an Anesthesiologist
As a young child, one thing I did know was I was always fascinated by health, medicine and helping other. In High School when my mom became sick and found out she had a brain tumor.The next couple of months were hard for me and rom that moment on I knew I wanted to work with people, Medicine, and research. My goal is to make a difference.

Shakira J.

from Allentown, Pennsylvania

studying Arts and Sciences

Eye catching with Interior Design
I would like to give my word to those who need help with designing. My goal is to help others feel welcomed in a nice living space filled with color and eye catching patterns.

Lizette R.

from Detroit, Michigan

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Henry Ford College

Recreate the software and technology industries.
The current software and technology industries are currently run a way that make it difficult for new students or people existing in the field to learn the skills necessary to begin their careers or find the jobs they would enjoy. I intend to recreate the way these industries are run in their entirety through a venture of my own.

Trey K.

from Wichita, Kansas

studying Technology

lead humbly by serving others with joy.
Existing implies I have a purpose in this world and achieving that, in its self, is an incentive.What drives me to achieve my goal is MLK, St.Mother Theresa, Malala, people who have left a legacy due to their simplicity and perseverance. I thirst being the difference and living the happiness that comes from providing wellness for people in need....

Hebamarie R.

studying Continuing and Professional Studies

Multitalented Philanthropist
I'd like to be a businesswoman. I'm interested in many things in life. I have medical background, food and beverage background, & hospitality background. I also have interests in the arts. Music, literature. With my many interests, dreams and ambitions I'd like to eventually become a person to help the less fortunate. It's my ultimate goal in life.

Gisel V.

from Miami, Florida

studying Business

at University of Phoenix

I want to be an ENTREPRENEUR and help the homeless
I strongly dislike seeing people on the streets and knowing that they don't have a choice because not many people acknowledge their existence, I really want to build a bunch of shelters around the world, and develop a life program that's going to help the homeless gain stability!

Lauren J.

from Boston, Massachusetts

studying Arts and Sciences

at UMass Dartmouth

Become a senator
I would like to become a senator because I believe that through the government a lot of change can come, and if I become a senator I hope to serve my constituents and help out my state and my country.

Ivan B.

studying Political Sciences

I want to create emotion in others
what drives me to achieve my goal is the look on peoples faces after a performance, the cheer, the laughs, the tears, all of it.

Gunner A.

from Columbia City, Indiana

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Columbia City High School

I want to to be the pinnacle of broadcasting
My one of a kind work ethic and the desire to succeed as bad as I want to breathe

Connor S.

studying Communications

at SUNY Oswego