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Since 2008, Dr Pepper has
awarded over $8,000,000 in tuition.

To help the people in need
Ever since I was little I've always wanted to help people out. As of cancer is a cruel thing that's human nature. However with the opportunity to help prevent that will change the world tremendously and help everything one out in the world. Which is my main number one goal in life to help as many people as I can.

Ben B.

from Denver, Colorado

studying Medical

at Westminster High School

Shape Minds of Children
My name is Kasey and I am attending California State Fresno where I am currently a Junior and this money would help in so many different ways words cannot explain how much this would help my family and I out with paying for college. I am the only one out of my siblings to actually attend and stay in college at a CSU and my goal is to shape minds.

Kasey P.

from Fresno, California

studying Education

become a Nurse
I like helping others out. I am currently volunteering at my local hosptial. I love being around other peolpe. Its also been a goal of mine.

Kristina L.

studying Medical

become a lawyer and help others
I have always been interested in law. It has been a recent dream of mine to take this to the next level and go to law school to achieve my dream. Once I graduate law school, I wish to put my skills to use, and help those in need. To me it's not all about the money I will make, but the people I can help.

Kristina K.

from Deer Park, New York

studying Business

at Deer Park High School

Give job opportunities for young people in my country
Most teenagers and young adults in my country (Ecuador) cant find a job during their high school years because they have no experience and are not "old enough" so employers and companies wont hire them. Also many college graduates have a hard time finding a job in what they studied for or somewhat related and dont get paid well.

Martin D.

from Alexandria, Virginia

studying Marketing

at Lansing Community College

to become a Neonatal Nurse and pay for my college
People have been telling me that I will never pass anatomy and I really want to show that I can do what it takes to be a nurse. I also want to be a nurse to impact as many families as possible. I want to help my parents pay for school because no matter what when we could barley put groceries on the table my parents tried their best to make me happy

Anna L.

from Simpsonville, South Carolina

studying Medical

at USC Upstate Mary Black School of Nursing

Give back to children with bad economic conditions
I am a very empathetic person and I believe that children are the key to a better future. We as children had goals and now that we have grown up its our chance to give back and provide hope and encouragement to those that will follow in our foot steps. There are many great minds out there but not all have the tools to show it. I want to fix that.

Maybiss G.

from Panama City, Panama

studying Business

at Osceola High School (Kissimmee, Florida)

Build a school in a third world country!
As the President of the National Spanish Honor Society at my high school, one of my goals is to travel as members of the society and build a school for a third world country community along with assist them by providing essential supplies for living.

Kasey G.

from Weston, Florida

studying Business

at St. Thomas Aquinas

I want to give the disable people a second chance
Most people lose hope in their life after a devastating accident that changes them forever. I want to impact these people's lives in a positive way that would give them hope again. I want to become a power for good knowing that I could help someone in need to the best of my ability. Never lose hope for those who believe they lost hope in life.

Deondre J.

from Cross, South Carolina

studying Engineering

at Cross High

To continue and change the fashion industry.
I have been into fashion for a long time, it took me a while to realize it but fashion is in our life everyday, and changing the way people criticize it everyday is my ultimate goal. To see what I see, and to help everyone be apart of this world. To create sustainability.

Denise G.

studying Marketing

I want a good colLege educatioN at a Fair CoSt
What drives me, is my parents. Seeing them work everyday and night had inspired to do better. To want some from my self and to have a better life. They sacrifice so much for me , so I should make more for myself.

Aaryn A.

from Harlem

studying Law

at FDA 1

go back again for nursing, Help deliever babies
I love kids and I love to help people.

Amanda E.

from Orchard Park, New York

studying Communications

at Buffalo State College