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To help the environment with sustainable energy.
By getting a degree in electrical engineering, I can help further sustainable energy research to lower CO2 emissions and help clean up the environment.

Cheyenne N.

from Stillwater, New York

studying Engineering

at University of Delaware

Make a difference
I want to make a difference by spreading the gift of technology with the whole world. Imagine a world where no one gets left behind. Bringing power to family at even a low cost by finding ways too make more power for less.

James Q.

from Wautoma, Wisconsin

studying Technology

at Wautoma High

Make a Difference
Growing up, I didn't have as many resources as my peers around me did and I struggled to get through school. I want to change that for other people growing up without resources and give them a place to go that will allow them to stay out of trouble while pursuing something they love. I hope to open a chain of community centers to accomplish this.

MoMo M.

from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

at Delaware State University

I want to impact the woRld through music
I want to be in the music industry. I am confident in my social skills, and I want to impact lives in a positive way and open that door through sharing a passion for music with others.

Amanda S.

from South Riding, Virginia

studying Business

at Luray High School

I want to inspire children to want to learn!
I want to encourage children that learning is fun and limitless. I want to be the reason a child gets up in the morning and wants to adventure deeper into learning something new and interesting. I never want to see a child fall behind in education, I want to see children reach their maximum potential.

Sherrie S.

from Warsaw, New York

studying Education

at Genesee Community College

Improving The "quality of life"
If you've seen the film Patch Adams, you'd know it's based on the passionate idea of helping people by not focusing on the fear of death, but by recognizing the beauty of joy as a cure. He often reflects on himself to not only encourage his journey into becoming a great doctor, but to prevent the lack of pitiful assistance. I'm Patch in the making.

Miriam R.

from Elsa, Texas

studying Medical

at UTRGV - The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Professional Athlete
I love to play basketball and football. Mainly basketball, I practice almost everyday. I just wanna do what I love.

Tiras D.

from South Chicago, Illinois

studying Technology

at Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa High School

I just want want to help everyone
If I get this money I'll be able to go to a university and get my degree in polymer science. I just want to make a lot of money so I have enough money for family and so I can donate money annually.

Connor G.

from Gulfport, Mississippi

studying Arts and Sciences

at MGCCC - Jefferson Davis Campus

I want to help people of all races.
Not many hispanics get medical attention so I would help them to get the attention they need, no one should not have the right to medical attention.

Lesly S.

from Burlington, North Carolina

studying Medical

at Walter M. Williams High School

Change the political climate in America
There are riots in American cities, there is fear in the homes of American families, and yet there is divide in the United States Congress so deep that collaboration on solutions is refused. Even so, American's still aren't showing up at the polls or participating in our Democracy. This isn't how I want to go. Is this the America we envision?

David J.

from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

studying Political Sciences

at Albright College

a better life for me and my family.
I'd like to pay off school without worrying my parents about money. I barely see them because they're working either all day, all night, or both from having two jobs. I also work a lot but not as much because I go to college. i want to help my family more & show my parents that all their hard work pays off. I also want my brothers to be proud of me

Susana A.

studying Fine Arts / Design

I want to create change like MLK did.
Injustices going on daily, racism is still rampant, and freedoms are constantly being taken away. We the people are the ones afraid of our government when it should be the other way around. We need to use our voices before we lose the power to speak up. It's time for the American people to create the change we want to see in our country.

Elgin Andres W.

from Angleton, Texas

studying Humanities

at Houston Baptist University