Meet the Finalists

Their stories brought them here. Now, one throw could change it all. Meet the finalists for the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway

SEC Championship Game Finalists
cure ignorance. i want to redefine "abnormal".
I've always had an itch to understand the people around me. Perhaps that's what started my obsession with psychological/neurological disorders. I've determined that "abnormal" does not exist, as we are a world compiled of different abnormalities. I want to study these glitches in our neurological network, so that we may all accept them.

Zabrina R.

from San Diego, California

studying Arts and Sciences

at UC San Diego

I want to Change the world one leg at a time
I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and adopted when when I was five. Because of a severe deformity, I had my right leg amputated. Now I am going to school to learn how to build, design, and fit orthotic/prosthetic devices in the hopes of going over seas and starting clinics! I go to school and work all while maintaining a 3.8 GPA! "Sola de Gloria!"

Julia D.

from Niceville, Florida

studying Medical

at St. Petersburg College

Conquer my deficiency to provide children hope
It’s either join the Navy or achieve a Bachelor’s degree. I find a thrill to attack my struggle to eliminate it from happening again. Not everyone with dyspraxia is tested, which means our children may have it, unconsciously. Daily, I conquer the largest area of difficulty in my life, but now I want to use it to the advantage of influencing others.

Jessica M.

studying Liberal Studies

at Azusa Pacific University

a world without DiSEASe- Nanotechnology Solutions
I imagine a world without cancer or HIV/AIDS— where illness could be cured with efficiency and precision. I've been pushed in this direction by my unrelenting passion and persistent goal of making a difference in this world. Since 9th grade of High School I've been interested in Nanotechnology and taken steps to make my two invention ideas real.

Torus W.

from Laurel, Florida

studying Engineering

at Richmond Hill High School