What’s a Goal?

Your goal is what you want to dedicate yourself to achieving. If you love animals, your goal might be to be a vet that helps keep them healthy. If you’re a musician, your goal might be to take over the top 40. No goal is too big or too small.

I’m not yet at a 4 year university. Can I participate?

Absolutely. Anyone between the ages of 18-24 can compete to win up to $100,000 in tuition, and anyone 18 years or older will be eligible to win $5,000 in tuition if you finish in the top 5 of the $5,000 leaderboard when voting ends.

What should I include in my video?

Anything that helps explain your goal. Feel free to say what inspired you to achieve it, things you’ve done to achieve it, or what you plan on doing to achieve it. You’re more creative than us, so show us what you’ve got. Be fun. Be passionate. Be you. See Official Rules for details.

When are the $100,000 winners awarded?

Finalists selected to compete to win up to $100,000 in tuition will compete for tuition dollars at the Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game, at the Big Ten Championship Game, at the PAC-12 Championship Game, and at the SEC Championship Game. All games will take place in December 2014.

What is the last day I can enter?

Contestants ages 18-24 that have received at least 50 votes must submit their video by October 20, 2014. The $5,000 Leaderboard goes all the way through January 12, 2015, so keep rallying support and getting votes!

See Official Rules for full guidelines and additional details.