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Build a Ministry to Change Lives All Over the World
You go through life asking why me? Well let's just be honest I have said it for awhile and just recently got over it. I've been through parents divorcing, suicidal thoughts, being short on necessities and so many struggles just in my years of high school, but now that I'm out God has showed me a new direction and my dream is to build a ministry!

Christian J.

from High Falls, North Carolina

studying Business

at Liberty University

Make America's public education systems great!
In US public schools the majority of students don't really want to be there. I have seen how differently education is valued in African Schools. One of the underlying problems with US education is that the children go to school without real desire. I hope to change that by enabling youth to see the big picture of education at a young age.

Tanner A.

from Riverton, Utah

studying Business

at Riverton High School

I want to impact the health care system.
When I was around fourteen years old, I traveled to Panama for a Missionary Retreat. The trip was heart breaking, but also eye opening to see all the change that we can make in the world. Because of this reason, I am going to college and double majoring in Psychology and Human Biology in the hopes of going to medical school to make an impact.

Carly D.

from Noblesville, Indiana

studying Medical

at Indiana University

Being an mathematics major, I would love to see more minority students take an interest in stem-like fields. I believe in doing so, we can firmly cultivate our society, for we have not always had the opportunity to do so. We can be models for our upcoming generations and teach our own. My goal is to empower and dismantle our limitations.

Claudia W.

from Monroe, Louisiana

at Louisiana Tech University

to start an International civil engineering firm
I traveled to Haiti on a mission trip and saw how other people live. I want to start an international civil engineering firm that helps 3rd world countries. I want to rebuild and help build infrastructure to advance the less fortunate. I want to take my knowledge from school and give back to the people who don't have a chance to be where i am.

Marshall W.

from Washington, District of Columbia

studying Engineering

at University of South Carolina

I want to give foster/neglected kids hope again
Growing up in the foster system was never easy, for me that is. I’ve often been told that I wasn't good enough, that I would never amount to anything. I believed that for a very long time but then I remembered who I was. I want to help kids believe in themselves again and show them that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Terran M.

from Solon, Ohio

studying Fine Arts / Design

at American musical and dramatic acad.NYC

My goal is to spread happiness to those around the country and world. Nothing is better than being genuinely happy. If I could spread happiness to a few people or make happiness that rippled through the world, I would feel like I achieved my ultimate goal.

Skylar P.

studying Communications

at Penn Foster Education

Neonatal Nursing
I've always wanted to make a difference in the world never knew how until my nephew was born 3 months early and with a very rare heart defect. We were pretty much told he won't make it. Three long months later and long countless hours of hard working medical team. He pulled through and that's when I saw this my way of making a difference.

Anjela F.

from Deltaville, Virginia

studying Medical

at Rappahannock Community College

Be that helping hand and strength for others.
I have seen friends and family go through so much whether it was sickness or death. I just want to be there whether it's emotionally or medically to let them know that everything will be okay. To show them the love and care that each individual deserves, no matter if its the person I'm treating or if it simply a concerned family or friend.

Aiyana B.

from Houston, Texas

studying Medical

Inspire students to learn
I have a brilliant passion for teaching, whether it is middle school, high school or college level classes. Seeing the excitement on a kids face's when they finally understand the subject or when they see how exciting science can be is absolutely priceless. I have been heavily influenced by the teachers in my life and I hope to give that back.

Tyler H.

from Arvada, Colorado

studying Arts and Sciences

at University of Colorado at Denver

Get criminals off the streets
Growing up, I witnessed a lot of killings and just overall crimes. Most people were never caught for what they did, I never liked that. I want to get these criminals off the streets and make the world a better place.

Jermiesha W.

from Pompano Beach, Florida

studying Law

at Nova High School

Improve America's Health
Seeing people become more and more miserable everyday due to their lack of physical activity and healthy habits absolutely breaks my heart. I aspire to cure people, to motivate them to live a healthier lifestyle, and to make them want to live a long, happy life as I want for them.

Lyndsey R.

from Bessemer, Alabama

studying Medical

at UAB - The University of Alabama at Birmingham