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I want to be the first person in my family to get a degree and work towards a career I love.

Lanae A.

from Detroit, Michigan

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Old Redford Academy - High

I want to inspire the next generation of leaders.
My younger brother's my motivation for this goal. I help him or any other person, young or old, build their confidence through encouragement & showing them that they can accomplish anything they are willing to work hard. I encourage everyone to do the best they can do and it will pay off. I hope to create a more confident and successful generation.

Tony P.

from Mobile, Alabama

studying Business

at Troy University

I want to educate underprivelaged youth
Having been on both ends of the spectrum of wealth, I understand the opportunities that are given to those who are less fortunate are less than those given to the wealthy. Because of this, a lot of kids on the lower side of the spectrum believe that their education is not as important as it actually is. I want to prove that their knowledge matters.

Jaidah B.

from Joliet, Illinois

studying Education

at DePaul University

Improve Mental Health Resources
I hope to start a non-profit organization that will provide courses for friends and families of those with mental illnesses to teach them how to best interact with and help their loved ones.

Allie S.

from Germantown, Maryland

studying Arts and Sciences

at BYU-Idaho

Change the world
Living in a world full of hate nowadays is pretty sickening. I know I can't change the world, but if I could change 1 or 2 people, it could start a domino effect. Never know unless you try.

Matthew J.

from Wantagh, New York

studying Graduate Studies


To find a cure for cerebellar degeneration.
Recently, I found out that there was a hereditary disease going around in my family called cerebellar degeneration. It hit my grandmother and my mother at an early age. Both are now deceased and I plan to find a cure for this disease and prevent it from taking anymore lives. With this scholarship, I plan to finish school and go into research.

Monecia M.

from Augusta, Georgia

studying Medical

at Augusta University

become the best pediatric nurse
As a young girl I have always looked up to my pediatrician. Now, that I am older I know it has always been a dream of mine. I want to achieve that goal and help children, that's my passion. Growing up with Cuban Immigrats as my parents taught me so much about sacrifice and how blessed I am to live in a free country where I can fullfill my dream.

Yessi D.

from Miami, Florida

I want to make movies that speak to people.
I have always found filmaking inspiring. I want to be able to make films thqt influence the world to be more postive and accepting of people for who they are. And films that make you question hoe our world is heading right now and if its possible for us to end up in some crazy ww3 any time soon.

Sara H.

from Wichita Falls, Texas

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Rider High School, Wichita Falls, TX

Child's Program in Africa
I've been to Africa already twice at the age of 18. The poverty and need in the places of Africa are eye-opening and yet inspiring. I have left a piece of my heart in Africa, and one day I hope to be able to start an organization there in Africa to provide children with education and experience to put them in the work force.

Micah D.

from Corona, California

studying Medical

at Crossroads Christian Schools

to help my fellow classmates come to know god
I recently learned that College of Charleston is the least Christian campus in the state of South Carolina. There are 10,000 students, and only 2 or 3 Christian groups on campus. I want to be able to reach out to the bigger sports groups and Greek life that have a lot of members, and have be able to have more involvement in campus ministries.

Megan M.

from Chicago, Illinois

studying Architecture

at College of Charleston

I want to create the future.
The future is technology. It is creeping into every single aspect of the world. It is going to run the world and I cannot wait to be a part of that. I want to major in computer science because this will give me a chance to help people, help the world, with technology and advancements that go along with it.

Kristen L.

from Glen Head, New York

studying Technology

at North Shore High School

To make a difference
I have lived through what most would have thought to be impossible. Through my survival I realized that I may not be the only one in the same situation. With that, my goal is to make a difference. Whether it be for my own life or the lives of others, my education is leading my way.

Aubrey J.

at Dixie State University