They're one throw away, competing to win $100,000

Inspiring stories brought them here. Now, one throw could help make their dreams come true. Meet the finalists for the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway.

Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game Finalists
To Give The Gift of PlaY To Children Globally.
Through my nonprofit organization Gear Going Global, I connect sports gear with as many children as I can in developing countries. I have reached some of them but there are so many more children out there who need my help. As a sophomore in college at IUPUI, I am studying nonprofit management to acquire skills I need to further activate my goal.

Wesley B.

at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

implEmEnt athletic trainers into competiVe cheer.
Growing up in and around competitive cheerleading I have seen first hand the amount of injuries sustained in the sport. After learning the skill set and knowledge athletic trainers have, I firmly believe the sport would benefit as other recognized sports do. This would also grow the athletic training profession tremendously.

Jessi J.

from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

studying Medical

at East Carolina University

Foster Active and Adventurous student lifestyles
My dad is the reason I am passionate about this goal. Through activity and sport he has taught me good character, commitment to family and friends, and value for physical activity. I want to share all he has taught me to students & create physical activity opportunities for youth. I aspire to teach students the value of lifetime physical activity.

Alex P.

from Weston, Wisconsin

studying Education

at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

I want to facilitate healthcare for my community.
Growing up in a single mom household has not been easy. Despite all of the financial burdens we have faced, I prioritize my education over everything. I have learned to always strive for the best regardless of obstacles I have faced. As an undergraduate, I hope to continue growing and expanding my vision to one day become a pediatric cardiologist.

Alejandra S.

studying Medical

at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill